Monday, January 30, 2012

Pottery Barn Bed Project - Week #2

As some of you know Joe and I are working on a DIY Pottery Barn bed.  We started this project last weekend, refer to Pottery Barn Bed Project - Week #1.  This past weekend was our second weekend continuing to work on the base of the bed which entailed wood filler, sanding, more sanding, painting (milk chocolate brown), waxing, painting (ivory), and then finally antiquing.  

The base of the bed will hopefully make it upstairs sometime this week once the polyacrylic is completely dry and a few minor details are finished for this portion of the bed.  Joe keeps saying he doesn't like sleeping on the 'floor'...  However, we may be sleeping on the 'floor' but on top of a box spring and also a mattress.

It's been determined we have at least 2 more weeks until it is finished, but we are well on our way!

Current cost $315.

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