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Monday, January 9

Snowshoe Ski Trip

This year so far has been one of the worst 'snow droughts' that has effected the entire United States.  This did effect our excitement for our ski trip this year as when we left Raleigh, NC only 32/60 trails were open.  As of Friday morning when we woke up 42/60 trails were open so things started to look upward!  

We arrived at Snowshoe on Thursday evening and decided to do a little retail therapy at the bottom of the mountain and also in the village at the top of the mountain.  We had pondered skiing that night, but Joe and I were both pretty tired and were expecting two full days of skiing on Friday and Saturday.

Friday morning I woke up (6am-ish) to the smell of coffee, scrapple, and bacon frying on the stove.  Man do I love that my husband can cook!  Our breakfast menu included: Farmer's Breakfast Casserole (Hashbrown, Eggs, Cheese, Green Onion, and Ham), Scrapple, Sausage, Bacon, Fruit (Apples and Oranges), and Coffee.  Breakfast of champions!  

Right before our departure of skiing it was a must to have a shot of Crown Royal to make us all warm and fuzzy.  It was sunny and quite warm to ski, 40's, but we skied the entire day from 9am until about 5:30 or so with only 1 break during lunch so I could get my skis waxed and Joe's waxed and sharpened.  Can you say exhausted???  I think we both fell asleep on the couch around 8pm.

Saturday morning was another early one and also the 'same' breakfast of champions as Friday.  Can't complain!  

We woke up to a very foggy morning with the snow dripping from our balcony.  Of course we thought it was going to be just a terrible day, however it actually turned out wonderful.  Even through the fog and misty rain, we powered through and had a great day!  We even ventured to the Western Territory of Snowshoe which is the Black / Double Black Diamond area.  Saturday was the first day it had opened for the season!  Cup Run was the only one open, but it is a Black Diamond that is over a mile long.  We'll just say I conquered it!

This is always a bitter sweet moment for us to return to Raleigh...  Both of think sometimes we want to move to the mountains and work on one.  Part of me thinks it would be awesome, but then part of me would miss the city life (depending on what mountain it was).  As for now, we will reside in Raleigh as it is our home.  Although, I think the mountains weren't quite ready for us to leave as our car doors were frozen shut!!!  Joe was able to open the trunk (of my Honda Civic), push down the seats and crawl through to get inside.  Quite entertaining I might add.

Enough of the details and time for a few pictures!

Through Snowshoe Village we will go...

Time to Rise and Shine!

They still had my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. coffee mug!

Time to ride!

Don't let the fog ruin your day!  It's time to Ski!


  1. GOOD! Looks like it turned out to be a fun skiing trip afterall! And, what the H is scrapple??

  2. FUNN!!! Ps - how do you keep your hands warm?

  3. Celeste - Don't read what Scrapple is it may scare you!

    Mallory - I wear Burton Mittens most of the time, I'm holding them in most of the pictures. Just taken off to hold the camera.

  4. The place where you stayed looks beautiful!


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