Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bay Six Half Marathon Training Week - #7

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #7 - 2/6/2012

This was an okay week for running, I forgot that the mileage increased on Tuesday and then Saturday we had quite a few plans that day and the weather turned for the worst that afternoon.  Sunday we had to buck down and prepare for a 9 mile run in 36 degree weather with the wind chill of 28 degrees.  That was one long 9 miles.  We'll just say we didn't see too many people out on the trail that day except a few male runners.

Onto week #8, and 4 more weeks until race day.  Bring it!

Monday - Rest vs. Rest
Tuesday - 4.5 m run vs. 4 m run
Wednesday - Strength and Strengthen vs. 150 crunches/20 push-ups/20 dips/6 pull-ups
Thursday - 3 m run and Strength vs. 3 mile run
Friday - Rest vs. Rest
Saturday - 9 m run vs. Rest (too many plans! ran on Sunday)
Sunday -  4 m run vs. 9 m run

Total Mileage To Date
96.8 miles (Start 12/26/2011)

Scheduled Total Mileage:
213.7 miles (End 3/18/2012)


  1. Wow. I would love to run a marathon, but I go through stages where I absolutely love running and then stages where I don't do anything at all (mainly because of work). The furthest I have run is 5 miles (w/o training). GOOD LUCK with it! Let us know how the training goes. xx


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