Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

This go around I paid more attention to the new 'special' arrival of Jason Wu at Target.  Last time Missoni for Target was a disaster and got very, very minimal pieces and was very disappointed.  I guess I didn't realize how chaotic it was going to be!  This time I was prepared!  Sort of...

I was up last night past midnight and decided to check the Target online store and see when they were going to release the pieces online.  I waited until about 12:10am and said heck with it, off to bed I go.  I'll just go to Target in the morning and deal with the crowds.  I know this isn't Black Friday, but I had to give Joe a little pep talk before we went.  He's too nice of a guy so I had to teach him how to be feisty and just grab what you can get!  There's no, I'll buy this later...

At 7:30am on Sunday, February 5th, Joe and I waited outside of the Target store for them to open at 8am.  We were one of the first few people there and all of us were in line for Jason Wu.  As we stood in line, we started talking with another woman and her young boy (who was probably 10-11 years old).  The young boy was on the hunt for purses to sell on eBay (the people I despise).  I asked the young boy,  'If my husband can't figure it out how to grab quickly the Straw clutch, will you grab it for me?' (#3 below).

The doors opened at 8am on the dot and the Target store clerks said NO RUNNING!  Not that any of us were, but we were all definitely walking briskly to get to the four, yes FOUR whole racks that they had of Jason Wu.  My mission was to grab anything and everything that I might be interested in that was my size.  I grabbed about eight pieces and was quite disappointed that the ONE thing that I really wanted wasn't even in the store, the Flared Dress in Cream with Black patent Belt...  DANG IT!  Sigh...

Joe came back empty handed without a clutch, but he said the boy took them all!  I saw the mother and said to her, 'I think your son took all of the clutches!!!'  I asked 'If you don't mind if he grabbed one of the ones I wanted, could I have it?'.  She was like of course!  It wasn't for her, obviously, her son was just going to sell them on eBay.  She also was aware that I was really only after 2 things: Flared Dress in Cream with Black Patent Belt and the Straw Clutch.

Once I grabbed the clothes that I wanted I went straight into the fitting room to pick my fave's.  I was one of the first in there, thank goodness.  As I was leaving the fitting room there were lurkers trying to grab anything and everything that I put down that I wasn't taking with me.  People were even eyeing up what I had in my arms that I was taking!  I was actually a little frightened!  I was ready to find Joe!  

Once I found Joe we finished our grocery shopping and were out of there by 8:37am.  The Jason Wu rack was completely and utterly cleared out.  Everything...  Gone...

Joe was quite shocked how crazy it was once we left the store.  It's quite frustrating at such the limited quantity they carry and they never restock after.  Once it's gone, it's gone and good luck paying 2-3x more the price on eBay. 

Below are the spoils of our success this morning.  Can't complain.


  1. I'm glad you got the purse you wanted! What an ordeal though! I was sleeping peacefully at that time. =D

  2. Good for you that you got that purse, what an adventure was to buy something ?! I didn't even try to go to Versace for H&M cause was scared of having to fight for the things I wanted...this is becoming so crazy !

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  3. I think the line is so cute, but it is funny here in Cali, there were no Jason Wu stuff out today and Missoni stuff leftover for weeks...

    I am holding out for the jason wu line though, it looks so cute!

  4. Wow, I´m happy for you and your picks, but this really sounds a little bit scary to me! I did this only once in Paris, when Jimmy Choo made a collection for H&M, and it was completely insane! People pushing and screaming, trying to snatch pieces from other peoples´ hands, and I nearly got suffocated! I left with a pair of shoes I´d been obsessed with, but I swore never to repeat the experience!

    xx Ivana

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