Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pain In The 'Leg'...?

'Poster' found on Pinterest

Last Saturday, I ran a 10 miler and started have some issues later that night.  I knew it wasn't a good sign, but figured I'd give it a day or two and see what happens.  Six days had passed (Friday) and I finally decided it was time I should go to an Orthopedic and see what they verdict was.  The popping noise in my ankle (every step) and the tingling, burning, cold sensation in my lower leg (knee to foot) is still unknown as to the cause, but according to the physician everything looked healthy.  So that is all great news!  Except, I was diagnosed with runner's knee (which is pretty common) in my right knee and was sent home with some exercises and told to ice and take Advil.  I can handle that!  I was really worried that the physician was going to tell me 'no more running for 4-6 weeks.  It sort of reminds me of Punksatony Phil seeing his shadow and determining 6 more weeks of winter...

Great news!  I can keep on trucking!
Countdown: 3 weeks and 1 day until the half marathon and 7 more weeks until the 10K
Then maybe I'll take a break, meaning 1 week.  ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. You have prompted me to take up running again! I often get a bad knee when I run, but I wear a little bandage thing that seems to do the trick (whether it's a mental or physical thing, I don't care-as long as it works).

    Keep going! xx

  2. So glad for the good news and hope you are having a great weekend! xo

  3. Glad everything worked out OK. Thank you for sharing that picture and quote. I've recently gottn back to working out after a long break. I've gained back most of the weight I'd lost and I've been really down about it. This was very inspiring to me (^_^)


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