Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #11: Picnic Primped

Friday's Letters
Dear Kittens, thank you for spending hours on my lap the other day together, you are too cute!  PS - Happy 2nd Birthday!   Dear Yazz, thank you for helping me find lemon cookies in Target the other day.  PS - I love randomly running into you in stores it makes me happy!  Dear Friends, thank you for coming over for Super Club!  Love you all dearly!  Dear Internal Revenue Service, YES I'm spelling out your name again, thank you for making us owe you money this year (a lot of money at that!).  We will put our money else where so you stop frivolously wasting it...  Thank you...  Dear Weather, Summer are you already here with 80 degree weather?  I'm okay with you, just don't be 90 quite yet...  Apparently you changed your mind on Wednesday and Thursday and brought back barely Spring weather (brr!).  Dear Vampire Diaries, thank you for coming back on this week... Dear Coworker, thank you for taking walks at lunch around the trail with me.  It's nice to get outside and get off my rear!  Dear Ballet Barre Class, thank you for making me sore and realize I need to do other things besides running a bazillion miles.  Dear Husband, please don't make me ever go back to Noodles and Company.  I don't like it...


Friday's Fancies Week #11: Picnic Primped
Picnic Primped

Ahhhh wouldn't it be nice to spend the weekend whether it be at the beach, a park, the mountains or even your backyard lying on a soft blanket, basking in the sun, sipping some wine and snacking on something delicious.  I will get to do something of the sorts this weekend, weather pending.  Each year we go to one of the wine festivals (April or September) to taste local wines and picnic out in the grassy area.  This weekend is the Great Grapes Wine, Arts & Food Festival so that's where we will be spending our Saturday afternoon.

april 20th - picnic primped


  1. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Noodles! Glad to know that I'm not alone. I'm just not a fan. But I am a fan of this outfit! (I know right, what a transition!) I love the color of that maxi and I love those earrings. Gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend Amanda! Sounds fun!

  2. What is Noodles and Company? A chain? I lived in the South briefly, cannot recall...Either way, hope he doesn't take you back ;)

    And I am CRAVING picnic weather! I am in Central New York, and we always prepare for a snow storm until about May 15th :) Thankfully it has been nice spring weather lately!

    Enjoy your weekend, darlin. I will definitely be back to read more, love your blog!


  3. I might have to make myself a dress like that one because it's so pretty but so expensive! After reading all the friday letters this week, I think I might have to catch up on this season of Vampire Diaries.

  4. Oh I loooove this. The green dress with those nude feminine heels is perfection! You always make the greatest sets! I love when my cat sits on my keyboard too :)


  5. I love your letters! This green dress is pure perfection, if only it weren't so darn expensive. I am searching for the perfect green maxi for this spring/summer. Happy Friday!

  6. Oh my gosh, that green dress is GORGEOUS!! I love all of your elegant picnic picks. Have a great time this weekend!

    We'd love for you to stop by & take a look at our Picnic in the Park. :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I hate Noodles and Company too!! ha! BTW loving that gorgeous green dress! Too cute for words! Also have my eye on that picnic basket! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Beautiful green dress and it's perfect for a picnic! Also, I've heard those Ballet Barre classes are pretty intense - I need to find one around here! Have fun at the wine festival this weekend :)

  9. Your letters are so fun to read :) And I'm just loving your picnic picks especially that amazing green dress and floppy hat. It'd be quite nice to have a picnic right now.

    Thanks for all your encouragement and positivity Amanda! I'm glad to be better and hope to be back for good soon. That bed is quite amazing.
    Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy that festival!
    rolala loves

  10. Yay it's Friday! What a lovely picnic outfit :) xoxo

  11. I want to try a balle bar class SO BADLY!!

  12. Love your blog girlie!
    You're beautiful! Found ya through the blog hop today :)

    Have a beautiful weekend and get those running shoes on!

    xxx Jessica

  13. Amen on the Vampire Diaries! So.Damn.Good.

    And this outfit is great! Perfect for spring and summer :)

  14. i'm so jealous you won the daybook giveaway! luck you! I love those mint green earrings above! xo

    1. I hadn't looked yet!!! Thanks for letting me know! Yeah! Have a great weekend! xxoo

  15. Amazing ideas full of style!

  16. Thank you for sharing these great styles- yopu've just given me an idea about what to do this weekend :D

  17. I love that hat and those bangles!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  18. Love the colour of that dress!

    Laura xo

  19. Seriously now, can we just call it a weekend and meet in the park for a picnic?! Because this is the cutest outfit in the history of outdoor outfits :)

  20. I know its crazy how spring is like gone already and summer is here. I'm loving it though, but agree 80 okay, 90's way too hot.

  21. lovely pieces hun! thanks for sharing em

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  22. would love to have those shoes & earrings :)p.s. loved your mini-letters :)

  23. love the green maxi dress! so pretty :)

    hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter!}

  24. omg, that green maxi is stunning. Fabulous post, love. I hope you had an amazing weekend. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

  25. I like how the hat and glasses and shoes all match! Am I too old fashioned? I like a pulled together look.


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