Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #12: Date Night

Friday's Letters
Dear LaDonna, Lauren, Michelle and Zack, Hope you all had/will have a wonderful Birthday's this week!  Dear Weather, what the heck?  high of 48 on Monday with wind and rain and a high of 80 on Thursday with more rain?  Please make up your mind soon...  Dear House, thank you for having a fireplace so I can still eat s'mores in April!  Dear  Cholesterol, thank you for cooperating during my health screening it's only taken me 4 years to figure out how to fix you naturally!  Dear 250 Miles I Ran In Four Months, thank you for fixing my cholesterol.  Dear The Daybook blog and Gal Meets Glam blog, thank you for making me a giveaway winner twice in a week!  WOW what are the odds?!?!?  Dear Norman, PLEASE STOP WAKING IS UP AT 4AM!  Just.........  STOP IT!  Dear Husband, thank you for digging a trench last weekend I appreciate our yard no longer having Lake English.  I love you...


Friday's Fancies Week #12: Date Night
Date Night

Date Night by eloquentenglish featuring zigzag jewelry

This weeks Friday's Fancies is in regards to Date Night.  I was feeling very gold and fancy putting this set together...  I'm thinking a fancy dinner somewhere outside with a nice long walk on the beach barefoot.  

I thought these were some great date night ideas:
Purchase food from the store and spend time cooking together in the kitchen
Slumber Party for two!  Have dinner and dessert in bed!
Cozy Movie Night
Go for a hike or long walk together
Coffee Date
Spend some time relaxing at the beach or the pool
Stroll through a museum, garden or zoo
Share a milkshake, dessert, cupcake at a little shop
Take a road trip into the city, the mountains, etc and getaway from your natural surroundings
Go to a roller or ice skating rink
Go to a favorite sporting event (i.e. basketball, football, soccer, hockey, etc)
Go to a wine tasting
Go shopping!
Have a tournament of your choice with a board / card game (our favorites are Scrabble and Yahtzee - actually Joe hates Yahtzee as he never wins!)
Watch the sunrise or sunset in a scenic setting
Get a couples massage

What do you consider to be the perfect date?

april 27th - date night


  1. ah your date ideas are so lovely! also I enjoyed the letter Lol!!:) amazing set too! have a nice weekend dear!:*

  2. That dress is so beautiful - love coral and gold!

    Laura xo

  3. Gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend xo

  4. Lovely outfit, and great date ideas! Sometimes my bf and I get stuck in a pattern of dates, and it'd be great to mix it up with one of these. I really like the idea of strolling through a garden and then sharing a milkshake together somewhere. In fact, I'm all giddy just thinking about it. Haha. Happy weekend!

  5. All of these accessories are darling! Love the outfit you've put together, hun! Have a lovely weekend! xo, Megs

  6. Gorgeous date night outfit!! Love all of the gold with this flowy peach dress!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I would love to go on a fancy date wearing this outfit! Great choices.

  8. Such good ideas! And that's a gorgeous dress! I'm obsessed with the color! Have a lovely weekend Amanda!

  9. Totally feel ya on the weather being moody, I'm so ready for sunshine! Congrats on winning twice! Love the look you put together for date night :)


  10. you are so cute! and ohmygosh, how lucky are you to have won twice! and in one week- insane!

  11. Congrats on winning two giveaways in one week! I've never won a single giveaway! I'm jealous. I also love that coral dress. It's one of my favorite spring colors. Happy Friday!

  12. Perfect romantic date night ensemble - love the colour and accessories

  13. Love this date night look. Super elegant and feminine.


  14. Congrats on your giveaway wins! I love the date night look you put together as well as your ideas. The hubby and I like to have lazy dates on the weekends which consist of brunch and then walking around the city or hitting up the park.

    Happy weekend!
    rolala loves

  15. This weather is driving me craaazy! Lake English, ha! Cute letters :)

  16. LOOOVE the color of that dress! What a cute, amazing outfit. Love your style, girl!

  17. Oh this dress is so dreamy! Love the grecian cutting and color. Would love to try that kind of hairstyle one day

  18. beautiful pieces there ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  19. congrats on being a giveaway winner, twice! so fun! and so glad to hear you fixed your cholesterol without meds! mine is about 2 points over normal and I have tried cutting cheese and red meat out some here and there, but running and exercising everyday is really great and keeps everything in check! loved your letters, and love your blog! you and your husband are such a beautiful couple! thanks for linking up with me!


  20. Such a beautiful dress that you picked out! xo

  21. I love that orange dress matched with gold accessories. All so beautiful!

  22. Found your blog through your Friday's letters link.

    I too love both The Daybook and Gal Meets Glam. Pretty darn jealous that you've had such good luck!

    Excited to be your newest follower and looking forward to your letters next Friday!

    Dana @ five30three

  23. I also fixed my cholesterol when I started working out and running, in addition to changing the way I eat entirely. I seriously don't know how I was ok with eating all that junk before! BTW, loving that super sweet, girly dress! Lovely finds! x


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