Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Grapes Food, Wine and Music Festival

This past weekend we attended the Great Grapes Wine, Arts and Food Festival!  We've been attending this event since 2008!  The time of year (April or September) can always bring some iffy weather from year to year.  Some years it rains, some years it's sunny and last year a tornado ripped right through the event?  In 2011 we knew bad storms were going to be coming through in the afternoon, so we headed over there at 11am when it first opened.  We stayed for awhile, but once we saw the dark luminous clouds approaching we decided to head home.  On our way home I was asking Joe 'What is all of that stuff flying in the sky?', Joe thought it was just leaves and what not flying around.  When we arrived at home our weather alert (alarm) was ringing loudly (of course freaking out the cats) and a tornado was going right through Cary and Raleigh!  OH MY!  What we saw flying around in the air was insulation from construction flying all the way into our neck of the woods!  Pretty scary stuff, but we were fortunately spared and all was well at our home.  

This year wasn't quite as eventful, however we did have two brief 10 minute heavy showers but we were able to duck into cover rather quickly.  Some were unfortunate and were absolutely soaked!  

Ummm I think I'm on E here!?!?

Snacks made by hubby!  YUM!

At the bottom of the hill...  That's always a weird saying for me as I grew up in Florida, the biggest hill you will find there is an ant hill or a sink hole.  Anyways, at the bottom of the hill, there is a small lake that were great picture taking opportunities.  Whether it was a goose or a mallard, the cloud reflection was awesome.


  1. Looks fabulous! I love wine tasting, such a great way to spend an afternoon. LOVE the hat! xo, Megs

  2. It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad the tornadoes spared you this year :) And that chocolate covered strawberry looks delicious!

  3. this looks like such a fantastic time!

  4. great pics dear! the strawberry looks very yummy!!^^ kisses!

  5. What a fabulous experience! Love your outfit!!!

  6. looks like so much fun! x

  7. Looks like you had a good time from the wine tasting session.
    I love the photos of the lake, so tranquil !
    Have a nice day !

  8. Oh man so scary last year! Glad it was not so much this year. The wine looks amazing!

  9. you're so pretty :D and also your blog :) i'm following you :D

  10. I love Food & Wine Festivals, but I see a theme here.... we got soaked at the Taste Festival in London in 2011. Food & Wine + Festival = dodgy weather it seems!

    Great hat BTW! :-)

    Vanessa x

  11. Wow great pictures :)

    Ina :*

  12. What an AWESOME festival!! Ahh! I'd love to check that out one day!

    You've totally got me craving a glass of wine & some delicious chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!


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