Monday, April 23, 2012

Insta Recap

Top Row: New Running Shirt, Beautiful Clouds, Shadow Springs Vineyard Shortcake Strawberry Wine + Dark Shadow {chocolate flavor} mixed = YUM!!!
Middle Row: Normie Cat, Chocolate Covered Strawberries (made by hubby), Tea Rose (color Tiffany)
Bottom Row: Great Grapes Wine, Art & Music Festival, Woods (this is where we run, I was looking for Edward!), Contessa + Pillow Pet = my two favorite leopards

Our Weekend Recap
Friday evening we worked (mostly Joe as I supervised) in the yard digging a 20 foot trench, 12 inches deep.  Sounds like a fun Friday evening right?  We have a slight flooding issue (aka Lake English) on one side of the front yard and needed to fix it while the ground was dry.  Especially since Sunday's forecast was 2 inches of rainfall.  Definitely a good testing ground with the rain and for us to sod the front yard!  Woo hoo!  More on this during The Lonely Lion Part 4 this week...

Saturday consisted of a 5 mile jog at the American Tobacco Trail, where we usually run.  I keep saying I'm done for the spring with races, however we did sign up for another one that is in 2 weeks.  Maybe that'll be the last one for the spring?  I doubt it.  HA!  Anyways, the trail is quite woodsy and I love the scenic views.  When the clouds are out, it's obviously darker in the woods compared to a sunny day and reminds me of Twilight.  Somehow I imagine running into Edward out there.  After our run we spent the rest of our afternoon at the Great Grapes Wine, Art & Music Festival.  It's mostly the same vineyards that attend every year, however we enjoy going just to get out drink great wines and snack on delicious foods.  Our favorite drink (and Joe's surprisingly) this year was a unique mixture of a Shortcake Strawberry Wine plus Dark Shadow (the Dark Shadow smelled and tasted very much like a hint chocolate when tasted alone).  It was delicious!!!  More on this adventure later...

Sunday was a wash.  We went to church and were presented in front of the congregation along with 8 others to become church members.  I'm not fond of standing in front of people let alone a sanctuary that holds 1,200 persons.  Fortunately, we attend the 8am service that typically isn't full.  Other than that we did a little spring cleaning of our office, I was able to edit 3 days worth of images (for this weeks posts!) and watch movies.  We also built probably our last wood fire for the season.  Maybe we can squeeze one more in who knows.

PS - I'll post the Lemon Swirl Cheesecake Recipe this week, I didn't forget!!!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  I'd love to hear what you did this weekend!


  1. I'm craving for that strawberry dear!^^ Kisses and have a nice day!

  2. I love chocolate covered strawberries. We have tons of areas where we can run around here. I especially love the Niagara Gorge where you can hike/run along with the rapids and a whirlpool :)

  3. Those strawberries look delicious! Yum and that run sounds gorgeous! I'm just about to head out on mine, and I wish I had your route!

  4. I love your pictures! They're simple little things that make life so darn pretty.

  5. I can't wait for the recipe! Loving the hat and the flower! xo

  6. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Our family pretty much had soccer games the whole weekend :) So fun right?

  7. What a cool place to run! We don't have anything like that in LA :(

    And the Wine Festival sounds fun!

  8. Those strawberrys look so good! Sounds like a great weekend and I am with ya about standing in front of people, I get so shy!

  9. wish i loved running! it's a goal of mine

  10. Looks like a fun (and tasty) weekend!

    Cute blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style & travel)

  11. Mike and I need to go to that festival with yall next year (if you go). Hopefully I won't be working that weekend by this time next year. YAY! That wine sounds delicious!! yum yum

  12. LOVE the photos! Especially the flower, what a wonderful shot. And thanks for the mention about getting some perennials (on my blog), I'm going to head out this weekend and see what I can round up!
    xoxo, amy

  13. lemon swirl cheesecake?? oh definitely coming back for that recipe it sounds amazing!!

  14. i would love to run in woods like that
    (...if i ran...)

  15. such great snapshots! love your blog!

  16. Beautiful snapshots, I loved the woods snap the most. You are lucky that you have got such a beautiful woods where you can run or jog ! You must be feeling very good to be able to have contact with nature so often .
    It seems you had a very eventful yet productive week.
    Waiting for your cheesecake recipe :-)
    Take care,

  17. I love it! I love running too <3 <3



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