Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lonely Lion: Part 3

As the several weeks of warm air continues to hover the grounds, the more blooms begin to unearth and reveal their ever so splendid colors.  The sign of colorful flowers also brings meaning to the birds of the air and the meaning of new beginnings to their nests in the trees.

As our flowers in our backyard begin to bloom each year, I realize more and more that the flowers I had chosen tend to be purple.  Reason being, the purple draws many hummingbirds and butterflies so you may understand my fascination with this color.  The hummingbirds (and another favorite yellow finches) have yet to arrive, but soon enough will see a glimpse of their tiny bodies and ever so fast wings.

PS - My husband believes the hummingbirds like to dive bomb him while he prunes flowers in the wee hours of the morning.  It is entertaining to watch him duck and almost dive...  I think it may hurt worse than a bee sting if it really did happen.  HaHa!

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Wisteria starting to bloom

The images of the birds were taken from quite a distance, I'm surprised in their clarity as I only have a 'fancy' camera, not a 'super fancy' camera.

House Finch


 Eastern Towhee




Robin (gathering for nesting)

 Pink Dogwood Flowers


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a hummingbird - you're so lucky to have them in your back yard!

    Emma xo

  2. My fav are the images with the birds!^^ so lovely! kisses dear!

  3. Oh love hummingbirds. Such good fortune!

  4. Wow, great photos of some amazing birds! xx

  5. Beautiful pictures, dear! <3

  6. So pretty! Spring is definitely in the air...I fully noticed last week with all the birds chirping outside my window! Lovely! :)

  7. Beautiful collection of photos ! I must say, I am in love with all the bird pictures, the birds look so cute and in each photo, the background is so beautiful. The Robin gathering for nesting, the red bird and the bird resting on twigs / branches are my favourites !
    Have a nice day !

  8. Beautiful pictures! My parents have wisteria in the backyard and even when theirs is just in bloom I have never seen it look like yours (your picture is prettier). Have a fabulous weekend. xo

  9. Aw I loved this post- I take pictures of everything blooming in my yard as well...definitely something I look forward to looking at every day! xo.


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