Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #16: Memorial Day

Friday's Letters
Dear Soldiers and wives (or husbands) of Soldiers, I may not say this as often as I should, be we truly appreciate you protecting our country!  Dear 3 Day Long Weekend, thank you...  Dear Husband, sometimes when the pollen is high you deny the fact that you may have obtained some sort of allergies.  Just admit it!  Dear Anna, thank you for providing some extra entertainment during our White Trash party last weekend.  Our bent screen door will forever be remembered.  Dear Norman (the cat), you are not suppose to eat table food.  I let you sniff foods in the kitchen so you leave me alone and go away, but broccoli?  You like broccoli?  You are a strange cat...  Dear Exercise, I took a full week off, yes strange and lazy, but true.  It felt great and terrible all in the same!  Dear Blog, Monday updates and Friday's Letters / Fancies have been quite consistent these weeks.  Sorry for lack of intermittent posts, but I'll be back there soon.  Dear Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay, thank you for selecting me as a giveaway winner!  For you loyal followers, you are probably like what the heck?  I know trust me, I feel the same way (but in an excited tone).  LOL  Dear Turtle, you are welcome for my husband to turn the car around, stop in the middle of the road, so I could get out to save you...  I think the tall grasses will suit you much better than flattened on the roadway.  PS - Husband when are we moving to the beach so I can work for the Sea Turtle Patrol.  Dream job? Beach + Turtle Saver?  Maybe...  Dear DSW, typically I do not have much luck at your store, however this week I found two pair of shoes (here and here).  Dear Street Violinist, it breaks my heart to see you (when I do), but know that I pray for you...  Dear Nurse, thank you for coming up to me while shopping the other day to say hello.  I also want to thank you for noting that I looked like (or should be) famous?  Thank you?  Dear Husband, just because Jesus wore sandals doesn't mean that it's okay to wear Crocs to church.  I know you think if Jesus was here today, he would wear Crocs too, but I beg to differ.  LOL

Run/Swim Follow-up
Interesting Factoid: As most of you know at this point, we run a lot and by a lot, I mean a lot...  Since August 2011 we've ran at least 500 miles?  Crazy talk I know!  With the drama of my runner's knees I started to swim once the pool was open.  My question was...?  What is the equivalent to a 4 mile run in physical exertion to swimming?  Come to find out for every 1/4 mile swim equates to a 1 mile run, therefore for me to keep up my weekly current physical exertion I'd have to swim 3/4 to 1 mile per session during the week.  Let me tell you...  Right now I'm only at 1/4 mile swim (1 mile run) and it's tough!

Currently, we are not registered for any races this summer.  It's sort of a nice relief, but this turns into lack of dedication in training.  Don't get me wrong I still am trying to swim 2x per week and run 3x per week (including 1 long run 5-8miles) it's just a little more difficult without the pressure!

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Friday's Fancies #16: Memorial Day
Ahh, Memorial Day...  Our three day weekend consists of minimal plans and that is oh so exciting!  We plan to hang our television on the wall, hang two Pottery Barn swing arm sconces and repaint our master bedroom so I can finally put out my new bedspread!  I vowed to not put the bedspread out until the bedroom was painted the new color.  I need the full effect!  Other than painting the room we plan to spend the lunch time hours at the neighborhood pool catching some rays!  I wish we were going to the beach and if we were, I'd def be wearing this ensemble!

Memorial Day

may 25th - memorial day
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  1. your friday letters are always so funny!:) love also the items u found! kisses and have a lovely memorial weekend!

  2. Jesus would wear crocs, that's so funny! But probably so true!! I love this look by the way, so perfect for the weather. And good luck painting! I'd love to see the finished product and that bedspread :)

  3. I will take this whole outfit please :) You have created perfection here girl. I love it all!!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love the whole outfit above, especially the suit and sun hat. I've been looking for a hat like that for the beach this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bahah, crocs! :) Husbands are so funny.
    I had to check out your blog being that we have the same name! :)
    Eat Cake

  6. love everything about that outfit - especially that suit!!! I need a new bathing suit, I might just have to check that out!

  7. Oh no to Crocs at church!! least he's there right?

    Good finds at DSW!

  8. 500 miles? Geez! I think I might have run 2 miles since birth. (My birth that is...) Super cute swimsuit by the way!


  9. Okay so I really really need that striped bathing suit and the cover-up. So chic! xo

  10. Lovely post and tribute to those who serve our country! And love this round-up as well! The bathing suit is super cute! xo

  11. Thanks so much for following my blog, I am now following yours too :)

    I loved reading your little letters, I missed this Friday's but will have to make up for them next week!

    Have a great weekend!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair


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