Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Lonely Lion: Part Four

The past few weeks weather has brought some dramatically fluctuating temperatures.  With last Monday's (4/23) high of 48 wind, rain and the ability to use the fireplace to this weeks averaging temperatures in the 90's with the a/c on.  Our typically weather this time of year is 77, so 90 isn't all that welcoming...  Although I will say that I've been able to sit out in the sun 2 days last week so trying to rid my vampire-esk skin.  I presume the lion has enjoyed my company...

You can also refer to:

Wisteria Blooms


Tea Rose: Color Tiffany

Double Clematis

Variegated Iris

Singing House Finch

Spanish Lavendar

Fox Glove

Double Knockout Rose

Glimpse of early spring...  So many things are still unearthed!

In 2009 we renovated our backyard.  The front yard has yet to be renovated.  Before we could renovate the front, we needed to dig a trench and connect a drainage box to a long tube under our beautiful grass to rid a lake in the front (aka Lake English).  So we will dig...


Sod was dug up and a tarp was laid to prevent some of the dirt getting in the grass...

Drainage box and pipe...

Next step...  Front yard!


  1. Adorable pics Amanda, my fav is the one with the bird!:) Kisses!

  2. I need you guys to make my yard pretty. This sandy soil only grows weeds :(

  3. What beautiful pictures! You clearly have a green thumb. Mine is black. I can't keep anything alive. Teach me your masterful ways!

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful xo

  5. You guys have a gorgeous yard! My gosh that's so pretty! You're so lucky to have such a view to look at everyday!

  6. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers, your garden is beautiful. We've been having crazy temperature fluctuations as well, so outfit planning has been a nightmare. I hope you're doing well and I can't wait to see how you redo the front. Happy puttering!

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful flowers. Like a secret garden.

  9. The flowers are so pretty. Love that pic of the Fox chase. I seriously suck at gardening, it might be my worst talent ever, so I admire your handywork!

  10. THanks so much for visiting and comment on my blog! YOu're awesome! I'm your newest follower:)

  11. Beautiful photos of the flowers! I can't get any plant to live longer than one day!


  12. Wonderful photos!!!!
    I soak up the sun too!

  13. Just...beautiful! The photo of the singing house finch is my favourite xx

  14. Love all your photographs !
    But that bird is the most beautiful !
    Take care,

  15. Pretty spring photography :) you're front yards going to look awesome when it's done, based on what the (after the pipe) back yard pics look like!!

  16. i'm loving all your spring pictures and your backyard looks amazing! we are in the process of trying to get both our front and backyards under control and it is a lot of hard work!

  17. I've never seen a double clematis before. I will definitely have to see about adding one of those. Very pretty.


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