Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day... food for thought...

As I was Pinteresting this morning, I found some very delicious food ideas to share for Memorial Day (or even for 4th of July or Labor Day).  Maybe you have a BBQ to attend, a bonfire (I wish!) or a family gathering?  No better way to come over with something absolutely delicious and memorable!  Anyways, here were a few delicious ideas (see links for more details).

memorial day treats


celebrating memorial day with berry cones by better homes & gardens

red white & blue

BRILLIANT.   "Scoop out the watermelon and have that with a barbecue, and then cut a hole to fit a keg shank. Fill with drink of choice (watermelon sours would be perfect, but any summery, pulp-free drink would do), et voila."

Summer Fun Food

Memorial Day Dessert


Do you have any plans this weekend?  Would you consider any of these food items to bring?


  1. Yum!! Looks delish. Let us know if you make any!

  2. WOW! Beautiful pictures <3 <3


  3. That trifle looks absolutely delicious!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment (as always)! :)


  4. that strawberry parfait looks so delicious!

  5. Oh. My. God. This looks absolutely fabulous! And even if I'm not American, I think I'll use some of these recipes for the French Bastille day! Thanks for the inspiration!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  6. love all of that! I want to make some of those for 4th of July!

  7. love these pictures! your cat is so cute!

  8. OH My GOODNESS! All that food looks so yummy! I went to vegas over the weekend. it was so much fun!


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