Thursday, June 28, 2012


Two weekends ago we spent the day at the beach.  We typically leave at the crack of dawn (6:30am) and arrive 2 hours later.  The only way we survive for hours at the beach is with our giant beach umbrella; otherwise an all day trip would not be feasible.  Surprisingly, for this trip when we weren't in the sun it was rather cool.  Neither of us really wanted to be under the umbrella unless we had extra clothes on!  I'm going to miss that cool summer air, as the forecast for the next four days is 100+.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to lock myself in the house and never leave this weekend unless it's dark out.  I'm already ready for Fall and it's just the beginning of Summer.  With that statement, you probably would have never known I was raised in Florida.

Wrightsville, Beach

These waterbirds are protected by the NC Waterbird Program which was created to protect nesting.  There was a barrier around these birds so no one can enter.  They were obviously comfortable with onlookers as none of them moved when we were up close to the fence.

Goodbye for now beach...


  1. That seashell picture needs to be printed and framed. I haven't been to the beach yet this summer, you guys are lucky!

  2. That's so gorgeous!!! I love cool days at the beach, and what a pretty beach it is at that! I love spending days on the water, just soaking in the air and enjoying each other's company. I need to make more beach time. Hopefully you guys will get to go back soon!

  3. I wish we had beaches as pristine as that! HaHa Soooo nice!!! It looks so relaxing and tranquil. Great pics girl!

  4. Really beautiful photos!
    You make me pine for a holiday hehe :-)

    Vanessa x



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