Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #17: Rock the White

Friday's Letter's
Dear Last Weekend, thank you for giving us time to work on a project or two and spend some time in the pool!  Dear Hubby, thank you for helping paint our master bedroom.  What a difference a little paint and TLC can make!  I can't wait for the theme to shine through!  Dear Contessa (the cat), I'm still made at you for putting a pea size hole in my new Pottery Barn duvet.  It wasn't even out for 24 hours yet!  I thought you were the good one!!!  Dear Boone, I'm so excited to get away and spend some time with nature (oh yea and with the husband)!  Dear China eBay Seller, thank you for selling the J.Crew Bubble necklace for $9.95.  It may not be the authentic piece, but hey for that price I'll take it!  Dear Norman (the cat), I've asked you nicely once and maybe meanly twice, please STOP waking us up every other hour meowing.  It's obnoxious!  I may turn you into an outdoor cat if you don't stop...  OR lock you in solitary confinement.  Ear plugs may be the next step...  Ear plugs now why didn't I think of that?  POWERING THROUGH!

Next Week...
Next week I promise to have some new images up.  I'm behind on two Lonely Lion post, one bedroom update post and our upcoming long weekend in Boone, NC.  So be prepared June, I have some good post for you!

Adventures of Newlyweds

Friday's Fancies Week #17: Rock the White
Memorial Day has finally come and gone and now it's 'appropriate to pull out the white!  Yeah!  This year the Little White Dress (LWD) is all the rage!  I still can't believe this one is only $78!

Do you love rocking the white or do you hesitate?

I love to wear white, but I'm always ever so cautious as to 'when' I will wear it.  I hate being dirty!

Rock the White

june 1st - rock the white
Long Distance Loving


  1. Love that white dress- and it's such a steal!

  2. Can I take the dress and the earrings out of the computer? Gosh that's gorgeous! The whole thing is stunning and what I'd give to wear it. Have a fantastic weekend Amanda!

  3. Good find on the necklace!!

  4. Definitely go for the ear plugs!!!

  5. Such a classy look!! I loved your letter. You got a steal on the necklace (^_^)

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  6. I am always afraid to wear a white dress because I think it looks a little too 'stuck up' but you assuaged my fears & made it look SO cute!! Love it!

  7. I love wearing white, I'm not really one to pay attention to rules, especially old school ones! Love my white and this outfit is ROCKIN'!

    PS- You won my Giveaway!!!

  8. love the nail polish


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