Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #21: Beachy Chic

Friday's Letters
Dear Coach, thank you for having many sales this year.  I have finally gotten rid of my Target wallet from (2005?) and purchased a nice coach wallet.  I'm really not sure why I've waited so long, but none the less I did...  Dear Versace Sunglasses, you have been officially demoted to outdoor 'dangerous' activity wear.    You have done well in the last 6 years...  Dear Chick-fil-a Cow, I'm sorry that I ate a hamburger in front of you.  Side note: we were at a festival this past weekend and a Chick-fil-a cow walked past me as I was eating a burger.  He saw it and then disciplined me by shaking his finger with an attitude.  LOL  Dear Norman (cat), you behaved so well with dinner guest over!  We thought you may have been ill or something?  Are you dying?  I'm pretty sure you are not...  You woke me up at 4am every morning this week and this morning I decided it'd be fun to chase you around the entire house with a squirt bottle (yes at 4am).  Did you stop?  Why yes you did...  Be prepared cat, I'm going to fight back!  Dear Lauren @ Stylized Existence, thanks for selecting me as a giveaway winner for the Copper Aqua wrap bracelet from muses & rebels!  Dear Work, I know you want us to be more GREEN, which I think is fantastic!  I use my reusable water cup, coffee cup, no paper bags, no sandwich bags, etc, however you keep the building so cold I have to use a space heater to keep warm AND IT'S 99 OUTSIDE!!!  Dear Weekend, you are forecasted to be 105 degrees for the next 4 days with a heat index of 116.  Not happy...  I'm pretty sure my skin will not be exposed to the heat.  Dear Husband, I hope you are prepared to stay indoors and work on your small honey do list.  

Friday's Fancies Week #21: Beachy Chic
This weeks Friday's fancies is beachy chic!  I was raised primarily in Florida so I of course love beachwear! 
Beachy Chic


  1. the star fish ring is TOO cute!

  2. 116...yuck. Thank goodness for beach beeezes! Enjoy your weekend indoors:)

  3. So exciting about your giveaway win. Now THAT'S a win!!! Good for you!

  4. Such a chic look! I need those sandals in my life. Congrats on the win too. (^_^)

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  5. I love the wedges and the one piece swimsuit, they'd work so well together. Makes me miss summer :(

  6. Such funny letters :-D made me smile!
    And I love the starfish ring, perfect beach accessory <3

  7. HaHa! Love it! Another one of my readers just bought a Coach bag. Gotta love them! STAY COOL! It is super hot. Great time to do indoor stuff.

  8. SO fun. Love that swimsuit! :)

  9. Love the beach outfit... the swimsuit and the shoes are stunning!!! :)
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know ^^


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