Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mountain Cabin: Part Five...linville falls

Our next stop was Linville Falls off of the Blue Ridge Parkway (near mile post 316.4).  The first viewing area was only .5 miles into the hike to view the double falls above the main falls.  The next viewing area was Chimney View which was the first view of the main falls.  It also is a great view of the Linville River and gorge.


Linville Falls, North Carolina

Double Falls

This rock area is where we stood to view the Double Falls.

Eastern Hemlock Trees
You will notice in the some of the images that the trees are dead.  This is due to a widespread attack of insects called the hemlock woolly adelgid.  This tiny insect has the capability to kill a tree in as little as four years.  This attack is not only here in the mountains of North Carolina, however it spreads from Nova Scotia west to Wisconsin all the way south along the Appalachian Mountains into northern Georgia and Alabama.

Chimney View

I'm just instagramming it @eloquentenglish, leave me alone!

This image of the meadow was one of my favorites...

Chestoa View Overlook

Grandfather Mountain View (the peak)

Next stop Crabtree Falls (my favorite part of the trip)...


  1. These pictures are beautiful! When we're in Lexington we're like 10 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway... we need to make it over there more often, it's gorgeous!

  2. I've never had any desire to vacation in the mountains UNTIL I saw all your posts. Looks so much fun and relaxing!

  3. Wow!!!!I really really like this holiday!!!!

  4. Again, gorgeous photos! I have never seen a forest like this and it's amazing!

  5. Ah this trip makes me miss NC even more! I just added you on instagram!

  6. That looks gorgeous! I've really been wanting to hike lately and now I Really want to!


  7. What a beautiful description of a the forest ! I love nature so much.
    The meadow picture just took my breath away, I agree with you, it is indeed a picturesque place.
    Your hubby and you look so good together , you make a cute couple :-)
    Enjoy your trip!

  8. Always gotta stop and Instagram it! I have totally been to Grandfather Mountain! We actually stayed in Boone about 10 years ago... we went to this place, I don't know if you have heard of it... Tweetsie Railroad? It lives in my familiy's mind as best vacation memory of all time! Almost all the rides were shut down when we went, and even the funnel cake machine was broken... sigh! We just look back and start cracking up when we think about it!

  9. Looks like a wonderful trip. My hubby always gives me side eye when I stop to instagram it ;)


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