Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mountain Cabin: Part Four ...overlooks

On Saturday, we woke up early to make our second attempt to venture out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The forecast was a high of 72 and sunny.  However, the morning was only 48 degrees and with the wind chill it had to have been in the 30's.  There were a few stops that Joe said, "nope I'm good I'll stay in the car, you go ahead and take some pictures".  

Wild Turkey

Raven Rock Overlook

This is when owning a tripod comes in very handy, you don't have to awkwardly ask anyone to take a picture.  Just point, press, 10 second blinking light, CHEESE!  Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Boulder Field Overlook
This particular overlook had great reviews and unfortunately it was closed.  So what do we do, stop anyways and sneak in.

The cloud is covering Grandfather Mountain, but this was the best we could capture at the time.  As you will note, it was very, very, very windy and cold so we didn't stay long.  You'll see why in the next picture.

It was so windy that we couldn't even keep the camera still to get a clear image!

On our way to Linville Falls, Joe stopped the car and turned around.  I asked what are we doing?  Joe, "I saw something you have always wanted to take a picture of".  Back at home when I'd drive to work alone (we carpool by the way as we both work at the same place, sort of) I would drive by a field with several white horses.  We attempted to drive out there together on a weekend and no horses and of course the next week I was driving alone and they were there again.  Joe thinks I'm making it up or seeing things, but I'm not!  Sooo...  this is why he turned around.
I finally got my picture...

You will notice in the first image the horse is laying in the field.  Joe sat in the car and watched me take pictures...  From the car Joe made a horse noise, yes he is really good at making that snorty exhaled horse noise that they make.  Strange but true.  The horse turned his head the first time like 'hello?'.  I turned to Joe and asked him to do it again!  Joe did it again and the horse got up and came to the fence!  So cool!  I fed him an apple which he/she seemed to enjoy thoroughly...

Next stop Linville Falls, North Carolina


  1. Such beautiful pictures :) xo

  2. absolutely gorgeous.
    love that turkey! but the horse ... the horse wins. you fed him an apple? jealous.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Serioulsy I love it all!

  4. No wonder you two look so happy -- This place is gorgeous!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Ok, that turkey looks like he's the size of a bear!!!!!!

  6. These are AMAZING pictures! So beautiful! And the picture of the horse? Breathtaking!

  7. Wow...what a stunning getaway!! Makes me want to travel stat!! :)

  8. Such a pretty horse! What an amazing getaway this turned out to be!

  9. Wow, what gorgeous photos! Lovely.

  10. Oh, these photos are so beautiful, Amanda, you are really a talented photographer! And that horse story is so fun :)

    Have a great day!

    xx Ivana
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