Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mountain Cabin: Part One...The Cabin

This past weekend Joe and I went to the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Carolina.  It's about a three hour drive from Raleigh, so not too far.  After the 2011/2012 disappointing ski season was over and we were only able to ski one measly time due to the snow drought; we decided that we needed a vacation in the mountains as soon as possible!  The place we booked is very popular as it is booked solid all the way until the end of the year already.  That's why the 'as soon as possible' in March turned into the first available option in June!  That was the 'as soon as possible' for this cabin!

Creekside Cabin - Ferguson, NC (near Boone)

This cabin was ours for the next three days.  When we pulled up we were both in awe of how beautiful it all was.  With the tin roof, to the amazing stone chiminea and the creek trickling (a little louder than a trickle I might add).

See for yourself...

Outside Sitting Area with Chiminea

Outdoor Hot Tub next to the Creek

Rear of Cabin showing the Rocking Chairs (lower level MBR)

Creek behind the Cabin (view outside the MBR)

Rocking Chairs overlooking Creek
We really enjoyed opening this sliding glass door to listen to the creek everyday.  It was loud enough to hear it in the Cabin!


Living (sitting) Area

Master Bedroom
As you will notice there are absolutely no curtains in the house with many large windows.  At first it stirred a little paranoia, but then I realized we are out in the boonies!  It was wonderful to wake up every morning to the sounds of the creek right outside of our door.  You wake up and look at the view and the sounds of nature right outside a giant window. Peaceful...

One of the two bathrooms
 This bathroom included: 2 person Jacuzzi Tub and Rain Shower
This is a bathroom I would love to have in my own home.  The tub! The shower!  The size!  WOW!  We were peering out of the window one afternoon and a ginormous pileated woodpecker swooped down and started pecking at a tree.  Joe ran upstairs to grab the camera and of course by the time Joe returned, the camera was turned on, the woodpecker flew away.  My Father told me that my Grandfather in 98 years has only seen a pileated woodpecker in the wild.  So I feel pretty special to have even seen one myself.

Upstairs Owners Loft (not to be used, but we snuck up to take a peak)

I loved this Canoe Coffee Table so neat!  
Joe is preparing for our hikes!

Hot Tub Time!
We entered the hot tub around 7:30pm Thursday night to enjoy the outdoors and the sounds of the creek trickling.  After about 45 minutes, dawn was approaching and we heard some very strange noises in the woods.  We both got a little bug eyed and were like okay nothing is coming out of the woods.  Then about 10 minutes later we heard it again and we were out of there!!!  We never saw anything come out, but something about the unknown noises in the woods freaked us out!

To Be Continued...


  1. what a beautiful place!!:)

  2. That looks so beautiful and relaxing. Yeah the big windows would have made me a bit nervous too!



  3. Beautiful cabin!!! That tub looks incredible.

  4. Great photos! That cabin looks amazing!


  5. how fun! i just love the mountains...waht a great getaway

  6. Wow!!!!this is an amazing cabin!!!!I like it!!!!
    :) :) :)

  7. Wow, Amanda, this looks absolutely incredible! I love every single picture, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, I would go there immediately! Hope you enjoyed your stay there!

    xx Ivana
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