Monday, June 11, 2012

Over the weekend and through the woods...

Top Row: Peaches, Jewelry Stand, Peanut Butter Blossoms (fresh!)
Middle Row: Norman interrupting my bible studies, Sunset going home, Contessa (the new appliance)
Bottom Row: Veggies, Earring Screen, Strawberries

This past weekend was nice and low key for us.  For those of you who know us, this doesn't happen often.  Friday night we went to a matinee and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  We both thought the movie was good, not great.  I'd probably suggest renting it, unless you really wanted to see it in theaters.  Saturday morning we went to the Raleigh Farmer's Market to pick up fresh produce.  I may not always be a huge lover of the Summer heat here, but the fresh produce does make it a little better.  Especially the peaches here in the south!  Oh my!  After our meandering in market, we headed over to The Container Store.  Organization is the key to my heart so if you can imagine this place is like 'heaven' for me!  I picked up two jewelry organizers (seen above): Jewelry Stand and Earring Screen and Joe found a Tie Rack.  Once we returned home we soaked up a few rays at the pool and then attended our monthly Supper Club at Celeste & Mike's.  They had a 5 course meal prepared and wow was it great food and discussion!  Except somehow I was sitting at the corner with mostly boys.  Oh well...  I think Stephanie and I could have done without some of their conversation.  Haha!  Sunday.  We had been out of town the prior weekend in Boone and decided to catch up on the last two sermons online.  I really hate missing church, but I also hate missing sermons as our Pastor is very thorough and his teachings are intense.  I'm glad we took the time to stay home and catch up as both sermons were quite convicting to some of our future life discussions and decisions.  Good for both of us to hear...  If you want to know we are studying the book of Titus.

Random Photos:

Bedroom Project
On Sunday, we finally hung up the oars!  They look a lot smaller on the wall than they did leaning against the headboard.

My old roommate in college Lindsey gave me this bracelet I think Junior (2004) year...?  I found it when I was organizing all of my jewelry.  Foot Prints in the sand, Heel, I <3 Shopping, ADO, Starbucks...  I still love all of those things 8 years later! Man I'm getting old...

Four Generations
As I was going through my jewelry, this picture was sitting on the vanity portion of my dresser.
From left to right:
Me, Mom, Brother, Granny and Grandma (approx 1988) Grandmother's house we will go...


  1. lovely images dear! oh I had that bracelet too, nomination!:D kisses!

  2. I love your photos -- the food, the jewelry, a pretty sunset and your adorable cats are a perfect mix!

  3. Peanut butter blossoms are my FAVE!! Those are definitely making my mouth water. It looks like you had a great weekend, and I love the oars above the bed! So creative :)

    xoxo, me

  4. Cute jewelry hooks! I seriously need to cross organizing my jewelry off of my to-do list...still haven't done it. You're inspiring me to GET IT DONE!

  5. love your instagram pix! peanut butter blossoms look delish!

  6. great photos!

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. I love your jewelry stand. I've been looking for a way to organize all my necklaces!

  8. Sounds like a delightful weekend, and I love seeing all the fun on Instagram as well! Love weekends where there's time to play each day. Right now, my time is all about work and getting ready for the move! But, those days will come! Have a great week, sweets!

    Sandy M

  9. ....thank you for leaving a message on my blog!!!(almost always!!!)I say "make photos" because this is the perfect translation from Italian in English!!But I like the fact that this remind you your Mother and your Grandmother!!!
    Thank you!
    Have a nice week!!

  10. Those cookies look SO good! I like the boat oars over the bed. I did a nautical theme in my son's bathroom and I was going to add a boat oar to the wall. I still have to buy it but I think it will be the perfect finishing touch that the bathroom needs...


  11. obsessed with all the jewelry. This really is a fabulous post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post. xo

  12. Norman with book, adorable!


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