Monday, July 30, 2012

ahhh monday

Top Row: Normie King of the Pillow, Storm Rolling In
Bottom Row: Morning Sky, Contessa tucked in...

I slacked in the instagram photos this week...  Oops!

This past week was exhausting.  With Bible Study, VBS stage and set design and Joe's weekly hockey games...  Our sleep felt pretty minimal.  On Friday after work we took Norman and Contessa to the vet.  They decided to do Contessa first as she is very easy and low key.  Then...  dun dun dun...  it was time to release the beast aka Norman.  We'll just say that the Valium I gave him before the vet didn't do anything.  He was still just as aggressive as if he wasn't on it.  So unfortunately, he will return this upcoming Friday and will be sedated.  Good times...  So, later that night we attended another surprise birthday dinner in Raleigh for our dear friend Kyle (Mallory's hubby).  As usual, great friends and great conversation!  Saturday we decided to go for a run at the tobacco trail.  At 77 degrees, 83% humidity we were both dying after.  The humidity is a killer!  Later that night a severe thunderstorm came through...  By severe I mean a light show that I have never seen in my entire life.  Let me remind you that I grew up in the lighting capital of the world (Orlando)!  Joe's vehicle was outside, so we decided with hail warnings the size of a quarter we should move the tools in the garage to bring the vehicle in.  No more than two minutes after it was pulled in, sheets of rain were pounding against our windows and the trees were leaning sideways...  Then the hail came and we both agreed we had never seen it hail like that before!  It was quite the show.  About an hour later after it had passed we decided to see the damage.  Lots of debris everywhere, but there were a few Bradford Pear Trees in the neighborhood that had split due to the wind.  Quite common for this type of tree.  Fortunately we were spared.  Sunday after church we went for another run, just as painful as Saturday, but with hills.  Love it...  After a few chores, Joe decided to go play golf, I decided this is a good opportunity to take a nap!  YES PLEASE!  These don't come very often for us...

For you entertainment
Norman VS. Rubber-band


  1. your kitty is just adorable! happy week dear!

  2. Your kitty reminds me my sister's one!!!
    They're fantstic!!

  3. I think I've already told you this, but that cat is adorable... and I hate cats :P

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  4. Who needs kids when you have Norman? He is so entertaining...quite the little firecracker!

  5. Aw man! That sounds scary! Good thing you didn't have any damage! And I am not very familiar with humidity. It's a dry heat in CA so the two times I've experienced moisture in the air was not pleasant lol!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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