Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #24: euro trip

Friday's Letters
Dear Kittens, do you know what one of my favorite things about laundry day is?  When I find a toy mouse in the washer.  Is that your way of killing it or telling me it needs to be washed?  PS - it's also funny when you leave the toy mouse in the water bowl.  I guess drowning is another technique you like to use.  Dear Twitter, I'm very late in the game in tweeting, however I need an instruction manual to figure it out...  I'm old... (Twitter Profile).  Dear Internet, thanks for not working for hours on end today...  Dear Stress, please go away, you are unwanted.  Dear Norman (the cat), you surprised me today when two little girls came over...  You let them pet you?  You wanted to be pet by them?  I guess you really just don't like big people...

Friday's Fancies Week #24: euro trip
Euro trip!  Aww man would I love to go to Europe!  We have never been and it's definitely on our to do list!  
Euro Trip

A|Wear red striped t shirt, $19 / Short shorts, $50 / Rebecca Minkoff gold flat / Tory Burch handbag / FOSSIL watch / J.Crew j crew jewelry / Enamel jewelry, $13 / Mango ring, $16 / Helen Kaminski hat / Sunglasses


  1. the outfit is very cute! lol for the kitten!:D kisses!:*

  2. i would love to go to europe too! one day :] & maybe your kittens need a new toy! ha :]

    have a great weekend!

  3. super cute!!! I love that TB handbag!! Happy Weekend!

  4. Hope u get to visit! Love the tory handbag...

  5. Perfect stripes! Love this look :)

  6. Super cute accessories!! Our little dog Minnie doesn't like people either. A little girl wanted to pet her a few weeks ago and I had to tell the little girl no. We're working on that (^_^)

  7. Love the whole look! Super chic! Anything with a fedora just looks European to me! Have a great weekend Amanda!

  8. I really like this euro trip!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Lovely collection there & Excited for you too!!


  10. Perfect outfit for a European trip!

    xo Jennifer

  11. I thought I was alone in feeling like I didn't understand twitter. :) Good to know. I started using HootSuite which makes it a bit easier for me.

    And stress... tell me about it girlie. I'm getting married next week and all this stress is causing me to breakout. SO now I am even more stressed trying to fit a facial into my budget. lol


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