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Monday, July 9

a long weekend...

Top Row: 4th of July, Contessa in my dresser drawer, we spotted a rainbow!
Middle Row: dark chocolate and mint morsel cookies, hubby and me, copper aqua wrap bracelet from muses and rebels
Bottom Row: I captured lightning!, Normie in his crinkle tunnel, sunset on the 4th

This weekend was a long one for us...  We had Wednesday off for the holiday and headed up to Lake Gaston to spend the day with Eddie and Yasmeen at their families lake house! (pictures later)  We had a wonderful time!  Great weather, delicious food and of course time with awesome friends!  The only downfall was the drive home when we broke down in the middle of no where for the second time that week.  Monday was the other time on our way home from work...  Friday we had decided to take the day off and we would go car shopping...  We made a few phone calls to some dealerships on prices to see if we had any wiggle room before we drove anywhere.  We know what car we want, it's just the matter of the right one, at the right time and at a good price...  No luck...  That night we had a horrific storm come our way (see images above of the lightning and rainbow).  We were headed up to Greensboro for a funeral and had to wait approximately 30 minutes to even leave as the torrential rain and threat of hail was upon us...  We eventually got there.  Saturday was a very domestic day for us.  With the heat outside, the hubby deciding on a whim to start a daunting indoor project (renovating the master bathroom)...  We are really excited to have it complete, just not doing the work.  The bathroom is going to take several weeks, but we at least started removing all of the gold fixtures one by one.  It's our last big indoor home project until we can say we are done.  At least for awhile that is...  A home is a never ending renovation that's for sure!  After helping the husband in the bathroom for awhile, I decided it was good time to bake some homemade muffins and cookies.  YUM!  Sunday around lunch time one of our two air conditioning units stopped working.  Joe shut both units off for the afternoon.  I felt like I was dying...  I'm not sure how folks in the mid-west or north can handle no A/C in the summer.  Not only is it summer, it was 106 F / 41.1 C degrees and who knows what the head index was...  Around 7pm, we decided to do a little investigating and found out the upstairs unit was still blowing cool air.  We quickly turned it back on to 80, yes 80, as it was 90 degrees upstairs.  After two cool showers, using ice packs on my neck to stay cool and tears flooding down my face during dinner (too many things breaking this week), the air upstairs finally cooled off to a reasonable temperature for us to sleep.  We were blessed to have had a few offers of places to stay for the night, but ironically both houses have allergies to cats!  Their was no way I was going to leave my two little kittens home with all that fur in the heat.  We will all have to suffer together.  Hopefully today we'll find out the damage whether it's just a part that needs to be replaced or the entire unit.  I'm hopeful for just a part, but the unit is approximately 11 years old so it may be dead.  We shall see...

How was your 4th of July and weekend?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea all of that was going on! I saw your post about the A/C, but your car and all the storms?!? It sounds like a week you'd like to forget!

    Have you looked at Auction Direct? We had a lot of luck there, and I like their no-haggle policy.

  2. Not having AC for even just a few hours can make you really appreciative of it when you do have it. Can you imagine life without it in this heat?

    Your pictures are so cute. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Tha cat pictures are hilarious :)
    cute bracelet ;)

  4. Oh jeez girl I'm so sorry. I truly hope things get better and that your air gets on asap! I'll be thinking of you all!

  5. Love your bracelet. Weren't the stores crazy!! At one point the hail in Michigan was golf ball size and I was flipping out because I just bought a new car and it was being slammed with hail. xo

  6. I'm kind of glad we don't need air-conditioning here. Although a little rise in temperature would be appreciated :)

    You shot wonderful pictures during your long weekend, really captivating <3

  7. adorable photos! the bracelets are too cute!:) kisses!

  8. oh no Amanda! keep us posted girl and it's been so hot :( i pray that it's a simple and inexpensive fix. last year i had to change my water heater out and buy a new dryer. when it rains it pours uggh

  9. What kind of car are you looking for?

    You'll have to post pics of your master bath when you're done!

  10. Oh, I so know what you mean about no AC in this heat ... since we moved into this historical home, we don't have any for the summer ... and we too had 106F on one of the afternoons. Trying to work on projects in the house is almost impossible in this heat! Lots of fans going on!!!! Have a lovely week, sweets!

    Illustrator Sandy M
    This week: "And the Forecast is ... Popsicles!"

  11. I am your newest follower :) I love all of your pics! Please come check out my blog some time!!

  12. ummmm ... that picture of you two smack dab in the middle is adorable! I mean, stinking adorable. truly.

  13. O man, I hope the rest of the week goes better!

  14. Sorry about the bad weather, AC, and the funeral :( Aside from that it sounds like your time off was enjoyable! That pic of you and your husband is great!!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  15. Glad you enjoyed your long weekend :)


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