Thursday, August 23, 2012

dara dot designs

I had the pleasure of meeting Dara last year when I was visiting Toronto.  She creates some really amazing scarves!  The fabric is 100% biodegradable from spun from beach trees.  They are super smooth, soft and really comfortable.  I own several of them and cannot express how amazingly soft and smooth they are.  You won't find these anywhere else...

The video below shows you the different ways to wear the scarves.  You have four styles to choose from: loop, wrap, fringe and ruffle. PS - she has a few colors on sale right now, so make sure you checkout all of the links!  Check them out at Dara Dot Designs!

This video is really fun to watch!


  1. Girl! I am loving this new blog design!

  2. Loving your pants! :-D

    A chic kiss ;-)

  3. HaHa! This video is great! Love the different options of wearing scarves.


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