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Friday, August 3

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #26: t-shirt

Friday's Letters
Dear Norman (the cat), I'm sorry things doing go well last week at the vet.  On the account of your rage, you have to return to the vet to be knocked out for a checkup this morning.  A checkup!  Yep you did it to yourself.  Dear Katrina, thank you so much for sending me a card via snail mail.  It was so sweet and thoughtful!  Dear Self, write more letters to send via snail mail.  If I love them, I presume others do as well...  Dear Dear Tiffany @ The Coffeehouse, thanks for selecting me as a winner for a $50 giftcard to midnight riders Etsy shop!  Dear Fall Fashion, I can't wait to have you here again...  You are my favorite season to dress for!  Now I'm thinking about the fire place, my awesome heated blanket (thanks hubby for that 2010 gift!) and s'mores...  Oh my...  Come faster!  Dear Boots, I'd be happier if I could find a pair that fit my chicken calves for a reasonable price...  and by chicken I mean 12 inch circumference...  Hilton Head, I'm excited to spend some time on the white sands for the next few days.  I need a break from work, life, etc..

Friday's Fancies Week #26: t-shirt

This outfit just sings, fall, fall, fall to me...

a t-shirt


  1. lol!! im the opposite, dont want the fall comes!!:D lovely set dear!:*

  2. I'm ready for fall, too! It's been so hot & humid here in the midwest that I need some cooler weather! :) Stopping by from the link-up. Have a great vacation! :)

  3. So wish I had enough hair to do that bun!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  4. I am soo ready for fall and fall clothes(and caramel apples ha!)...I got an electric snuggie last year, I should be ashamed to admit that. I'm totally not.

  5. great letters!! :)


  6. I love fall too. And Spring. Oh, Summer is great. And winter in Minnesota is to die for. Okay. So I love them all!

    Trying putting some peanutbutter on those smores. You will not regret it. Unless you are alergic. Then you totally will regret it.

    Happy Friday!

  7. I really like the outfit. Looks super comfortable.

  8. I'm not ready for fall, but your outfit makes make a but more okay that it's coming!

  9. Amanda, have a great time in Hilton Head. You totally deserve it. My aunt had a time share there and loved it.

  10. I'm not quite ready for fall but I could use a break form the 90+ degree weather. Say...75 or so. Love your look. That dress looks comfy.

  11. ha! You are sooooo welcome! But you actually need to thank that little "random number selector" I found on google. They must have really liked you. :) Happy Friday friend!

  12. what a great t-shirt maxi dress! & love that bag!

    happy weekend!

  13. Amanda I love this outfit! T shirt dresses are just so easy and fun to wear! I love it and those colors go so well together. I'd say I'm still embracing summer to its fullest. It's my favorite season, but I totally can understand that you want fall. I hope you have a great time in Hilton Head!

  14. I love the braided bun!

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