Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #27: Gingham Gorg

Friday's Letters
Dear Turtle, I hope you once again appreciate me stopping quickly on the side of the road for you.  I cringed when a car came two inches from pancaking you!  Another save completed!  Dear Norman (the cat), I'm not sure what to do with you sometimes.  I love you, but you need an attitude adjustment.  I'm glad you are back to normal after last weeks vet drama.  Dear Hilton Head, I miss you...  the sun...  the sand...  the relaxation...  sigh...  Dear Hair Day, I love when you come, but you cause me anxiety trying to figure out what I want to do...  go darker, go lighter, cut shorter, keep growing...  Why is it so complicated?  Dear Mary Kay, I love your TimeWise products...  You are amazing...  As my husband would say, I'm not a spring chicken anymore so I guess I better start that anti-aging regiment!  Dear DSW, thank you for finally having a pair of boots that fit my chicken legs!  14 inch circumference!  I'll take it!  (boots here) PS - they look better in person.  Dear Weekend, I'm looking forward to you!  Getting my hair did, date night, bridal shower, supper club!  It's going to be a great one!

PS - next week is our four year wedding anniversary!  Where does the time go!?!?  Some of you know me well and some of you don't know me personally, but I thought it'd be fun to do a recap of some monumental parts of our life.  So starting on Sunday:

Part I: Have you ever heard the story of how we met?
Part II: Have you ever heard the story of how we got engaged?
Part III: Four year anniversary (including a few wedding images)

Hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better!

Friday's Fancies Week #27: Gingham Gorg
The husband and I both love to wear gingham!  Some days when we are going out together one of us will call it first!  I CALL GINGHAM!  So then the other has to chose something else.  Joe usually always wins.

On a side note, I've decided I need to start embracing the remainder of the sun and shorts weather.  As Labor Day is right around the corner, the availability of the summer sun and time at the pool will soon be coming to an end.  Even though Summer is one of my least favorite seasons, I still ove the beach along with the summer glow.


  1. Hi Amanda! love to read ur friday's letter, it makes me so smile! so nice outfit, perfect for a summer weekend out! Kisses dear!

  2. Blue gingham and orange together are such a fantastic combo! I love this late summer look, it's just perfect!

  3. Love this post! Your letters are too cute - Happy almost-Anniversary! Love those boots too.

  4. How sweet of you to save the turtle! I ran over a frog once and cried the rest of the drive home :(
    Sounds like you have a very busy and fun weekend planned :D Have fun!
    Cute outfit!
    Stopping by from the Friday Letters link-up ♥

  5. Woohoo, happy almost anniversary! What are you doing to your hair? I want to see pictures :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I can't believe that summer is almost coming to an end! It went by way too fast. Love your outfit :)

  7. I love your outfit!! Those are my college colors so of course I'd totally wear this ;)

    And your riding boots are cute!! Last year I literally wore a band new pair of mine out because I wore them everyday. Maybe these boots will be on my radar for fall!

  8. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, too! :) Let me know what you decide. I'm having the same issues ... I feel like I always tell my guy I need more layers but it just never really happens. Maybe I'm saying the wrong thing?!

  9. that's how we i got my turtle. because my dad almost pancaked him under his car on his way home from work. he was okay though and my dad brought him home!

  10. Nice look! I like the boat shoes!

  11. You have a nice blog. Very inspirational <3 I'll be following.
    here is mine:
    hope you'll have a look at it and tell me what you think :)

  12. beautiful look you have there for My Fridays Fancies. I love the hair and and gingham shirt with the bright colored shorts!

    Erica xxoo


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