Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mornings at the beach...

Do you ever feel like a certain place feels more at home than any other?  Sometimes the beach feels that way for me.  Growing up the beach was a 45 minute drive and in college was only a 5 minute drive.  Today, the beach is 2 hours away and we don't visit as frequently as I did in my Florida days.  

A few weeks ago we went on vacation with Joe's family to Hilton Head Island.  One of our favorite things to do on beach trips is to walk early enough on the sand before the sun rises.  Serenity...  Have you ever heard that blue is a calming color?  Maybe that's why we love the early morning walks on the beach so much...


  1. These are such beautiful, tranquil pictures. I would love to be there right now just relaxing. Life just gets so crazy sometimes you know?


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  2. Gorgeoussss pictures.

    Everytime I go to the beach I think, and WHY don't I live here?

    Glad you were able to have a nice, relaxing time. :-)

  3. awesome shots. the beach, the breeze.... so freeing.

  4. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to pack the essentials and move there. #dreaming

  5. Holy shit those pictures are freaking stunning - how blessed you are!

  6. BEAUTIFUL photos!!

  7. these pictures are goregous! if you don't mind, what lens did you use? i am dying for a prime lens. i am a nc/sc girl too! glad i came across your blog!

  8. such beautiful pictures!

  9. My favourite place is the beach too, growing up in New Zealand we were surrounded by them and went nearly everyday ... we even used to spend Christmas at the beach as it was during the summertime!

    Vanessa x


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