Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the pilot and the river

For our four year anniversary, we decided to stick around the area and take an overnight trip to Pilot Mountain.  You may ask why such a short trip?  Our schedule became so jam packed with things to do that we had one weekend open for the entire month of August.  We decided we didn't want to jam more travel and busyness in and decided to wait until later in the year when the weather was a little cooler.  Downfall of a Summer anniversary...  It's always hot out!  I've always wanted to go to Maine and we decided what better time of year to to Maine than in the fall to see the foliage!  We will be flying up to Portland sometime in October in hopes to feel some pretty amazing weather and enjoy the fall colors.

...onto the Pilot

Pilot Mountain is near the city of Mount Airy.  It's a metamorphic quartzite monadock that rises to a peak of 2,421 feet above sea level.  This large rock is one of North Carolina's most distinctive natural features.  It's original Native America name is Jomeokee, for 'the Great Guide' or 'Pilot'.  As you will see it is a very useful landmark today and was back then to the cowboys and indians Native Americans and hunters.

The mountain has two distic features: named Big and Little Pinnacle.  The Big Pinnacle on the right side aka 'The Knob') with its bare walls, reaches approximately 1,400 feet above the terrain.  The Jomekee Trail leads around the base of the Big Pinnacle.  You can get a great view of the Big Pinnacle at the Little Pinnacle Overlook.

We hiked the Grindstone Trail (3.0 miles {twice}), part of Ledge Spring Trail (0.3) and Jomeokee Trail (.8 miles) = totaling 7.1 miles

Signs that Fall is near...

So I guess the Indians still live here somewhere?

Whoa! Big rocks!

Amanda: What does that mean?  
Joe: That's where Goldy Locks and the Three Bears live.  
Amanda: Oh okay...

Closest view of The Knob

Joe: Do you think those are natural stairs?
Amanda: Yep.

Remember The Knob jutting out of the mountain with the trees on top?  Where right under it.

First signs of life.  He was probably 2 inches long.

Circling for food?  ESHK!

Time for a lunch break...  Enjoying the view (oh and the man next to me).

Woodpecker.  Def not as cool as the we saw at Boone.

...and to the River

We drove over to the River Section to visit the Yadkin River. We had thought about hiking over the river (on a bridge) to the island, but by the time we got there and had already hiked 7.1 miles we decided to just look at it.  Thank goodness...  There we hiked the Yadkin River trail (1.2 miles {twice}) = totaling 2.4 miles.  On our way back from the trail it started to rain, so then we had to not only hike, but RUN as we had the camera and who wants to be soaked on a 2 hour drive home?

Amanda: Do you see that glitter in the water?
Joe: Yep.
Amanda: I'm pretty sure Edward was bathing here.

Random Fact: Mount Airy was known for the birthplace of Andy Griffith.  Mount airy was the basis for the fictional town of Mayberry on the TV show The Andy Griffith Show.  Which thanks to my mother, I remember this television show quite well.


  1. so beautiful photos Amanda! love this place! kisses!

  2. wow looks like a good trail! x

  3. This looks like such an idyllic spot to spend some time together celebrating your anniversary. Happy belated anniversary btw! There are downfalls to winter anniversaries as well ;-)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I've driven by the knob a bunch of times and always said it would be cool it you could hike there. i guess you can. haha


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