Monday, August 13, 2012

two weekends in a row...

Top Row: New hair color (post drama), Sunday breakfast at Panera, Morning walk on the beach
Middle Row: New boots + Normie (finally found a pair that fit!), Tiffany rose on the way to lunch, Contessa being too cute for words (as usual)
Bottom Row: Front yard leaf turning already, Chocolate Torte from Amy's bridal shower, Quote from Amy's bridal shower

I missed last weeks weekend recap so I'd like to fill you in on the last two weeks...

Two weekends ago...
Two Friday's ago, we had a little drama with Norman our cat.  He's always been a little difficult, especially at the vet.  He's one of those cats the vet probably has his folder marked with red tape and stamped hazardous.  This was the second attempt for his annual check-up as valum didn't do the trick the first time.  This time he had to be sedated for his two year check-up.  Sedated, for a check-up! Absurd!  When I picked him up from the vet he was not a pleasant kitty.  The entire ride home he was growling and hissing at me.  Strange and scary!  He was doing the same thing once I got home...  I ended up locking him in our master bathroom to separate him from all of us.  Including Contessa (the other cat).  I was of course upset and crying by the time Joe got home from work as I didn't like how Norman was acting.  I felt bad for him and all of us...  My biggest fear is that he was going to continue to be mean once the sedative wore off.  We would check on him once in awhile knowing that it'd take 6-8 hours for the drugs to get out of his system.  Every time we walked in the closet (where he was hunkered down) he looked dazed, but continued to growl and hiss at us...  Joe was even afraid to get a shirt out of the closet and ended up getting one out of the clean folded laundry basket...  That's how bad it was.  I mean who is scared of an 11lb cat?  everyone apparently...  So we all went to bed, leaving Normie in the big bathroom / closet area...  I got up around 5am to check on him and he came out of the closet rubbing on my legs and finally ate.  We were still very cautious of him as the prior night tainted our minds a little.  Contessa was hissing and growling at him which is very unlike her...  I think she was still mad at him from the day/night before.  That Saturday morning we were heading out of town, so of course I was a mess leaving the kitties alone with the recent drama.  Norman had a small amount of blood on his front foot and then a limp due to the vet analyzing his back knee.  Contessa was mad at him and she get's upset when we go out of town...  Not a good way to leave on vacation that's for sure...  

So...  Off to Hilton Head with Joe's family we went.  Thankfully, we have an awesome friend (Anna) who enjoys watching them.  She wasn't even afraid to be around Norman, they have a special bond...  She provides us with daily reports on a notepad for us to read when we get him.  It tells us how they ate, what their attitude, etc. was each day for us to read when we get home.  I love it!  We had a great time getting away spending our free time with our toes in the sand...  The beach is probably one of the only things I do love about Summer.  In our house we call the beach, 'the mother ship'.  The beach will always feel like home to me as for the majority of my life I have always lived close to one.

This past weekend...  another weekend of drama...
Friday I had a hair appointment.  Can I say a disaster!  I went in hoping to do what I did last time and that was to do a single process color that matched close to my natural color.  Last time it still shown through some of my original highlights so it wasn't one solid, solid color and it matched perfectly.  So I went in, cut off a few inches and then colored.  I came home thinking wow, this is a a littler darker than I wanted...  I decided to lay down for awhile and wait for Joe to get home.  I ended up putting my hair in a knot, as every time I walked by the mirror I thought, WHOA who is that?  Joe came home from work and walked in and was like your hair is red!  WHAT!?!?  Really?  I was afraid of that...  So then of course he starts to laugh and give me a hard time and I start to cry.  My natural hair color is not even close to red, it's a dishwater blonde...  So I'm obviously crying off and on for the next hour and decided to call my hair stylist (of four years) to tell him my dilemma.  He was very nice about it and said come in tomorrow morning at 8:30am and we'll fix it.  Saturday, with clarifying shampoo and a toner (all ash and violet) to lighten a little and rid the red.  It's still a lot darker than I anticipated, but knowing my hair, it will fade quickly.  So with the drama sort of fixed, I had a bridal shower to attend that afternoon and supper club later that night.  Sunday we both woke up  exhausted...  We were both so busy on Saturday (Joe had a golf scramble in the morning) we decided to skip church.  Heathens I know!  We went out to Panera to grab breakfast.  yum!  Then off to the grocery store and errands.  As Joe worked outside in the afternoon I headed to a my friends apartment (Rebecca's) to help with some last minute wedding preparations as she is getting married Labor Day weekend!  Love wedding activities!  Then it was time for dinner, a little television and then bed...   Zzzzzzzzz

You might notice that I had two rough Friday's in a row...  I told Joe after my hair drama that I couldn't handle any more anxiety for awhile otherwise I may have a heart attack!

This week the training begins...
This week starts training for the American Tobacco Trail 10 miler, so hopefully the 200 miles I will run in the next 12 weeks will help some of the stress!  I've missed running...


  1. I think your hair looks gorgeous this color. Perfect for fall. I hope you're more at peace with it now that it's been toned down. And my oh my...I now think I need a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera. They are building one across the street from my house. I can literally throw a stone off my balcony and hit it. Actually not, I throw like a girl, but yeah, it's that close. This could be baaaad!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your weekend. Your photos are great as always!

  2. Yikes! Yeah, I would have kept my distance too for a bit. I had a cat that looked just like him!! His name was Mittens. He was a big, fat, sweet cat...


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  3. Good luck with the training!I think your hair looks great! I know it probably wasn't what you were hoping for, but hopefully just like you said, it'll take its course and go back to your favorite color. And weddings are the best! That dessert looks lovely! and good luck with your training!!

  4. Panera for breakfast? I didn't know they had a breakfast menu! That seriously sounds delicious, and we live right next to one

  5. I love that bagel from delicious! And that rose is just absolutely amazing...great pic. Also love that photo of the sky. Popping over from Weekend Update.

  6. Poor Norman! I think your hair looks great!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  7. I love your hair that colour, I think it looks fab!

    Poor Norman, I hope he's back to normal now... and Contessa still makes me laugh in that shoebox! :-)

    Vanessa x


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