Thursday, September 13, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday!

Each year, Snowshoe Mountain offers discounted lift tickets if you purchase a bunch of soda AND by a bunch of soda I mean four 24-packs.  If you don't have a calculator handy or you're not good at math, that's 96 cans of soda!  When we purchased them last year in November we had to store them underneath our half bath sink on the first floor.  Pretty awkward to say to a guest, 'Sure you can have a soda, let me go get it' and walk in and out of the bathroom.  This week I was able to pull out the last of the soda's and put them in the fridge!  In two whole months we'll be back to 96 cans of soda in the bathroom.

That awkward soda in the bathroom equates to a free lift ticket and............ a lot of soda to drink.

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  1. Haha love it! But whoa that's a lot of soda! :)

  2. ahahah! take a stock for me too!:D kisses!

  3. that's an awesome deal- but yeah, the soda in the bathroom... classy ;)

  4. Haha love that it's always something like that, some sort of little catch.

    Alex xo

  5. geesh that is a lot of soda and frequent trips to the bathroom but at least you get a discounted ticket!

  6. I'm your newest follower. Loving your blog! Where in WV is your husband from? My husband and I lived in Lewisburg (at WVSOM for medical school, and not too far from Snowshoe) for two years and are now in Weirton (for rotations).


  7. Wow that's a lot of pop! But hey, it could also be convenient to buy a year's supply of pop in one day. And you've definitely been creative as far as finding a spot to keep it all!


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