Monday, September 24, 2012

tiny little pictures and meeces...

Top Row: Norman being a lover (rare), bunnies enjoying the outdoors, flair
Middle Row: Sunset, baby mouse, dots/leopard/plaid (old)
Bottom Row: Bow Ring, Fall is near, Contessa (Zzzzzzzzzz)

This week I had to pick up three prescriptions at the pharmacy: #1 pain medicine for the husbands tooth being pulled, #2 antibiotics for a now infected area from the tooth being pulled and #3 anti-inflammatory for my knee.  I think at this point the pharmacy may know who I am or they think I'm a hypochondriac.  Does that tell you how our week went?

Every weekend feels crazy busy!  I work half days on Fridays from home and the husbands job has decided to offer him to work from home one Friday a month!  Sounds like a good deal to me!  This Friday was the first time he was able to utilize it!  I had to go to the Orthapedic to have them look at my left knee and while I was gone Joe did some of my chores!  Best husband ever!  As far as my knee goes, the tracking and alignment of both of my knee caps are off.  The left one just has some soft tissue swelling and is making it uncomfortable at this point.  It's a genetic issue, but for now I have to take ten days off of running before I can resume my training for the 10 miler.  I'm pretty bummed about it, but it kind of worked out as Joe can't run right now either due to the tooth pulling/pain.

Friday night we had dinner and a belated birthday celebration with some dear friends Megan and Jason.  Saturday we  headed over to his sisters house to watch the WVU football game.  Shortly after we were off to a 35th Birthday party for the evening.  Sunday was a little bit of R and R for the most part...  I was able to sit outside on the patio and do some bible study and then read my current book (Mockingjay).

Side story.  Two weeks ago we figured out that we had a mouse in our garage...  We bought a humane mouse trap, as there was no way I could handle killing a furry little mouse.  Last Wednesday, Joe found that the mouse had been captured and even checking the trap everyday the mouse ended up dying.  He didn't tell me that it died until Saturday after we found a mouse run over in the garage.  two mice?  Apparently the mouse that was captured on Wednesday was a Mom.  So after four of them escaped their nest, we found the last baby still in there.  When we found the first baby on Friday, Joe took out to the woods and I didn't think much about it.  Then Saturday morning we found another one and I took the second one out to the woods.  It was squeaking, wobbly at walking and looked so tiny in the big, big woods.  At this point, tears started to stream my face.  Joe felt awful at this point and  didn't know what to do with me or the mouse.  the rest of my day was ruined...  So now the other two babies are in a shoe box on the workbench with milk, apple, bread, seed, etc...  I wish we would have thought of putting the first two in a shoe box, but we didn't...  I know it's just a mouse, but my heart still aches about the entire situation...  If they survive a few days in the box with what we provide we'll see if they are able to eat normal food and scurry.  If they can, we'll release them into the woods like the others.

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  1. lovely pics Amanda, love the leopart belt!:) kisses!

  2. i always feel like when i start not feeling my best, it's like three things that hit me at the same time.hope that you feel better!
    and what a great schedule you all have! my work schedule is everything but consistent, but i had the weekend mostly off and so did my husband. it's great to get that time together! it's also great to have a bible study like you did!

  3. oooo my goodness, i would freak out if i had a mouse in my house! :)ahh!!
    happy monday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  4. is that leopard belt from target? if so i am wearing the same one tonight and i have been thinking about pairing leopard and polka dots, you have convinced me it is totally ok to pair those together

  5. Oh me! Oh my! Those bunny slippers! So adorable <3


  6. Ooh, Amanda ... hope your knees and hubby's tooth are feeling better .... no fun to have sore things! And your story about the little mice IS sad! You have such a kind heart! Loved it and hope the babies survive to live in the woods ;) Have a wonderful week! Sandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  7. You big ol' softy. That mouse story is pretty precious.

  8. aww I feel so bad for you about the mice and that they all ended up dying :(( we had mice in the house shortly after we moved in because some of the pipe holes through the floor weren't sealed off correctly... that was fun too!


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