Monday, September 17, 2012


Top Row: 6 miler and Supreme Chocolate Cake
Bottom Row: Mikarose Dress and two kittens enjoying the crisp morning air

the weekend...
impromptu lunch with Mallory
uneventful friday evening with the husband
6 miler saturday morning
errands, errands and more errands
lots of baking: muffins, cornbread and supreme chocolate cake
finished catching fire
relaxed on the patio in the evening with a blanket covered up to my eyes, avoiding the skeeters
church service
prepared chili for the third annual chili cook-off
gabbed with the girls while the boys watched the steelers game
early bed time, 8:30pm yes please...

Coach and the Cats...

As I was working on this weeks bible study lesson at the kitchen table, Norman (left) thought it would be a good idea to lay on my purse.  I warned him if he scratched it, it'd come out of his allowance.  He stayed for about 10 minutes and not even two minutes later apparently Contessa (right) wanted to try it out...   

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  1. Loving your shoe picture and the chocolate cake. I laughed about the cats, I seem to have the same problems!! new follower :) Looking forward to catching up with your posts.

    hugs, april

  2. What a fun weekend! THAT CAKE!!!!! I'm drooling :-). Cute kitty-wums...they like the lay on/in/under the strangest things, don't they??? Happy Monday to you!

  3. I want that chocolate cake!^^

  4. Your kitties are too cute! I'm a new follower from Thee Networking Blog Hop, and I'd love a follow back at when you get the chance! :)

  5. That cake looks delicious, the frosting! Hope your run went fabulous. I did a 5 miler this weekend as well. Loving this running weather.

  6. That cake does look delish indeed! Love your blog :)

  7. sounds wonderful all around! Happy Monday :)

  8. Yay for the 6 miles! And what perfect weather for it! also that cake, omg!

  9. Those tennis shoes are adorable! Living all these snip bits!

  10. OMG that chocolate cake... yes please!!

  11. Oh my, I just can't get past that supreme chocolate cake. SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!
    xo TJ

  12. Love these snapshots! You look unbelievably chic in that dress.

    Alexandra xo

  13. Oh wow, have I spotted the most mouthwatering chocolate cake? Can I have the recipe, pretty please? :)
    How are you, darling? Hope you are having an amazing week!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  14. Your blog is lovely--the chocolate cake looks sooo delicious! New follower from the GFC blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back--I'd be very grateful! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Supreme chocolate cake sounds amazing! Like how it followed a 6 mile run hehe ;)

  16. Your cats are adorable. I'm still confused (but happy) about when being a cat person became the "trendy" thing. Obviously we are cool beyond our years.


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