Thursday, October 18, 2012

faux and the lady





Dress: BCBG, Faux Fur and Earrings: Fedora, Shoes: Nine West

-Mmmm, okay sometimes I make weird faces.
-Listening to a few of our husbands attempt to play an inappropriate word game during a wedding reception.  frowned upon...
-I was in the kitchen at work re-heating my coffee and saw giant tootsie rolls over on the counter.  I grabbed one, ate half of it and decided that I didn't have enough hands to carry the rest back to my desk.  I shoved the rest of it in my mouth and started to walk out of the kitchen.  The big cheese walked by and said 'good morning' while laughing at me.  I either looked like a cow chewing hay or a hamster full of seeds in my cheek.  I've been here over a year now and have only talked to him a hand full of times.  can you say professional?
-Last week I had a sinus headache / cold and figured that I should whip out the netti pot.  The husband likes to stare intently while I perform this process.  I'm not sure if he does it to make me feel weird or he's actually intrigued at the process.
-I can never go to the bathroom alone.  If you have a cat you would understand.  A closed door is unacceptable.
-The husband and I were walking back to our car and a few boys, assuming in high school, asked if we could jump their car.  So we of course stopped to help them.  One of the boys, several times, kept calling Joe 'sir'.  I knew the husband was going to make a comment once he got back in the car.  Low and behold he did.  how old do you think we are???

-Lighting the fire, curling up in a blanket next to the husband and making s'mores for the very first time this season.
-Wearing my Hunter Rain Boots for the first time!  They are surprisingly very comfortable, but they better be for the price!
-The husband and I were driving down the freeway and we saw the google maps street view car!  If it were in a neighborhood somehow we would have managed to get in the map.
-I'm notorious for breaking my hair clip claws.  The husband went grocery shopping and picked up another pack without me asking!  I'm surprised he went into the accessory section on his own!  thank you husband!
-Having a two day work week is pretty awesome.  thank you vacation!

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  1. Love this outfit, looks very Rachel Zoe-esque!

    Lana, xo

  2. Gorgeous photos! So in love with the fur vest

    xo Emily

  3. Wow!!!
    You're stunning!!!

  4. Love the fur! Makes me want to go out and get some for myself :)

  5. I love these pictures of you Amanda, you look so pretty! :-)
    And I totally know what you mean about not being able to go to the bathroom by yourself - try to close the door and the next thing you know, scratch.. scratch.. scratch...

    Vanessa x


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