Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #35: Marvelous Monotone

Dear Kohl's, your customers are crazy! Everyone had carts filled to the brim at checkout!  Me, I had one tube of lipstick.  Yep I was there to use my $10 off card.  Lipstick for $3. yes please!  Dear Gratefully Inspired,  thanks for picking me as a winner for a Vestique necklace!  Love it!  Dear Salem Street Pub, I'm not quite ready to try the 'My wife said this wouldn't never sell, but we bet you'll like it burger', yes that's really the name!  a burger topped with peanut butter, honey and other strange items.  I am quite intrigued  but for now I'll stick to my Longhorn Burger with BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheddar... Mmmmm mmmmmm  Dear Streets on Salem Boutique, I'm so sad your closing, but I'm glad I got one last awesome shrug wrap before you disappeared...  sigh... Dear Swede Dreams, thanks for Bloomindale's Gift Card!  Dear Hunter Rainboots, I love you...  Dear Husband, thanks for being my physical therapist this week...  I needed someone to hold me accountable to do my pt exercises...  Dear Knee, please stop aching...  7 weeks and counting...  thanks a pant load...

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Friday's Fancies Week #35: Marvelous Monotone
I don't know about you, but I do love the chambray shirt with jeans...  It's been one of my favorite looks this year!  Happy Friday!

Marvelous Monotone

Madewell / Mango slim jeans / Nude shoes, $37 / Leather handbag, $710 / Lauren Conrad pearl ring / Gold jewelry, $13 / Gold jewelry

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  1. This is so me~love the jeans and chambray. And I've been looking for some chandelier type earrings like these~very pretty. Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  2. I want some Hunters!! ...That girl's hair with the braid makes me want extensions, like bad :\

  3. Love the chambray with denim! and lipstick for $3?! love it! I need to get myself to a Kohls..
    happy weekend, beautiful!

  4. I need that bag!!!

    xo, Emily

  5. Haha we just got a Kohl's next to my work in Savannah and the parking lot is always MADNESS. It is soo crazy!!!! I love that chambray shirt by the way!! And that hairstyle is amazing!!! :)

    xoxo, Nicole Rene
    Simply Savannah

  6. I am loving this outfit! No pun intended but the bracelet too! It's so cute and the studded flats are so unexpected (and adorbs)!

  7. nice friday letter and adorable outfit!:) kisses!

  8. yup. still waiting on my hunter rainboots. I've been waiting on them for about 3 years now. where are they?! (and yes, that is a question intended for Dan).

  9. Ohh, $3 lipstick sounds great! What kind was it/ what was the color? xx

  10. $3 lipstick...SCORE! I am loving denim and chambray right now. Now all I have to do is figure out how to do that braid! I found you on Friday's Fancies and I am loving your blog. I am now your newest follower...can't wait to see what's next!


  11. I just rediscovered kohls, but haven't experienced that sort of crazy! Do you mind if I ask how your paid sponsership is going? I have thought about it for my blog, to help my family, but I feel like no one would pay for it. have you had a good experience with it??.

  12. Really awesome post! Friday Letters are always one of my favorites. And I am now in love with that gold bow ring... wow.

    Started following you from Rushing for Bagels' October Giveaway. Beautiful blog!

    xo, Adriana.

  13. What a lovely blog you have (:

    I'm obsessed with my Hunters. I think my Instagram is experiencing an overload of Hunter snapshots, lately. haha.

    Glad to be following along!


  14. Love those studded loafers!

  15. love the chambray with jeans!! hope your knee is feeling better!! xoxo


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