Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #36: leaf love

Dear Cool Weather, I love you, except Monday when I left work at 5pm it was 48F / 8.8C out!  Eeek!  Dear Head Cold, please go away.  You are unwelcomed as always and better be gone before we go to Maine.  Dear Maine, I can't wait to be in your state oh so soon!  I'm most especially excited about seeing your fall foliage.  I hear it's ah-ma-zing!  Dear Husband, you have been slacking on your Physical Therapist duties.  yes I said duties!  I'm not sure why this is difficult for you, you should enjoy telling me what to do!  Maybe that's just a wife thing.  lol  PS - thanks for babysitting me last night...

thanks a pant load...

Oh yea, I'll be guest posting on Sunday over here!  Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Friday's Fancies Week #36: leaf love
One of my favorite parts of this time of year is the fall foliage.  Maybe you are one of the lucky people who get to experience all 4 seasons?  I was raised in Florida where the change of seasons hardly existed.  There was no such thing as Fall or Winter, maybe a hint of Spring for 2 months and then the other 10 months remain Summer.  So here in North Carolina when the foliage starts to change, I'm always pointing out the slightest change of color to my husband.  He grew up in West Virginia, so he knows the seasons and sometimes looks past the change of leaf colors.  We still have some time before we enter peak season.  Typically peak season in our area is the second week of November.  Then in late November the leaves begin to drift to the ground and the trees are left bare for Winter.

leaf love

J.Crew knit sweater / Straight jeans / Hunter socks / Hunter shoes, $165 / Kate Spade handbag / MICHAEL Michael Kors chronograph watch / Silver ring, $29 / Bow jewelry / H&M cashmere scarve, $48

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  1. Great sweater!!!

    xo, Emily

  2. Love the polka dots! I so want a pair of Hunter boots...even though I'd probably wear them like once a year. :(

  3. That sweater is amazing! have a great weekend.

  4. love all your cute fall picks :) and ohmygawsh it IS cold for you—it's in the low sixties here (CA) and fifties at night and I'm already freezing..hope it decides to be on hold for your trip to Maine :) happy weekend!!

  5. I just got this green hunters! So far I'm in love.... Hope you snag a pair! New follower

  6. Agree- that sweater is a WIN! You can't go wrong with those Hunters, and those socks to go with? AN ABSOLUTE MUST!

  7. I've always wanted to go to Maine in the fall! I'm sure it'll be beautiful! :) And those green Hunters are on my wish list, too!

    Happy Friday!


  8. Love those polka dots, and you simply must invest in those fleece socks. I have them and absolutely love wearing them on rainy days in the winter with my Hunters. The colors are so pretty on them!

  9. Love the polka dot sweater! :) xo

  10. Since I know you, I started to love fall!!!
    Thank you Amanda!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  11. I like the sweater!

    Thanks for your comment in my blog :)

    kisses from:

  12. Great pics Amanda, I need that ring in my life! And the earrings. Oh, and the polka dot sweater too... :-)

    Vanessa x

  13. Love the boots and scarf :) LOVE FALL!



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