Thursday, October 04, 2012

gettin' my boots dirty...


Sweater: Banana Republic (recent, loving this one), Jeans: Fedora Boutique (local), Boots: DSW, Socks: Urban Outfitters

- I stood at Khols for about 30 minutes trying different lipsticks on my hand and then held them up to my face.  will this look good on me? i don't know let's try another...  will this look good on me?  ahhh crap, let's just try this one.
- A class instructor continuously referenced quotes from 'I Love Lucy', does she know that we were all a few decades too young for that show?  Don't get me wrong my mother loved that show, so I've seen my fair share of ILL.
- Later, the instructor randomly stopped talking and started fanning herself and stated she was having her own 'personal summer' and turns the fan on.
- During a training break, I went outside to have a snack.  I walked over to the shade, laid my purse on the sidewalk and proceeded to open my yogurt.  splat! All down my chocolate brown slacks, on my purse and in my purse...  apparently a lot of awkward things happened during that four hour training period.
- Every month I have to stalk the cats to give them their flea meds.  The other night, I felt like I was stalking Norman around the house like a little pig to hog tie and give him his flea medicine.  a little bit of treats helped...  little piggy!

- I finally decided to pull out my boots and get'm dirty!  Okay, maybe not dirty, but I did wear them!  great fall weather is finally here, sort of.  We're stilling have some days in the 60's and others in the 80's, but none the less it's here...
- The husband took me out twice this weekend.  To eat and shop!  I really think he was ill or something...  thank you hubby!
- The other night I came home from bible study and the husband had a cat shrimp toy tied to the end of  a string riling up the cats.  the cats loved it!
- Pre-planning a sick day to get my teeth cleaned and my hair did!  yep, my teeth and hair will be sick that day.  I'm hoping to get rid of some of the red tones...  back to my dish water blonde.
- I enter a few giveaways if they spike my interest.  Usually the ones I really, really want, I don't expect to win.  this one I def wanted...  This past Monday I won a $50 gift card to Bloomingdale's from Swede Dreams!  she has a sponsor button on my side bar, btw.  She was going to mail me the gift card and graciously sent me the gift card number so I was able to utilize the last day of the Friends and Family discount of 20% off and free shipping!  So what did I finally buy!  My wellies!!!  Even more awesome I got them for $58!  They are 'out for deliver' today!  Moooooooo Hoooooooo Haaaaaaaaaaaa...  Okay that was creepy, maybe that should have gone into awkward.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. You look fabulous! :) ha, "personal summer" she couldn't just say hot flash? Can't wait to see the new hair color!

  2. great fall look Amanda! love your lipstick and boots!:) Kisses! xoxo (ps I cant find you anymore on my twitter!)

  3. love this post! you look beautiful!

  4. Funny stories!! BTW I love the colour of those pictures!!
    Congrats for the Wellies!!

  5. They have lipstick at Kohl's?!? I never knew....

    Loving those boots.

  6. So pretty! Love that bag!!

    ox from NYC!


  7. very pretty, I love fall. Such a beautiful time of year, it makes me feel all warm inside. CHRISTMAS is coming.

  8. Love the lipstick in this photo. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go there yet.... Plus hooray for winning a $50 gift card! Yay for your Wellies!

  9. Love those boots and I can't wait to see your new ones from Bloomies! Thanks for the shout out!

  10. Super-cute! Can't wait to break my boots out! As soon as it cools down here in Sacramento!

  11. Aww, this post just cracked me up :) I love reading about your awkward and awesome experiences :) Plus, you look really amazing in that outfit!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  12. YAY! You got your hair done! It looks beauteous! :D

    Getting my hair done is usually a bittersweet because I love the way it's colored but hate the way it's cut right after....does that make sense? It's like my hair is too fresh and new after a cut so it doesn't cooperate like it usually does. My bangs come out too short and I look like a school boy. Bleh!

    PS: What are you training for?


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