Thursday, October 25, 2012

mint and leopard




Sweater: Zara (recent), Skirt: Old Navy (old), Shoes: Mossimo, Sunnies: Banana Republic, Watch: Merona

-I was doing my normal grocery shopping duties and was in the snack aisle.  i sometimes like to make scarcastic comments, surprised?   As an middle aged man went to grab for the same granola bars as me I said, "hey that one was mine!", while laughing, the man chuckled but also gave me a very strange look thinking that I might be serious!  This same old man was behind me at checkout, I thought about asking if he wanted to trade boxes, but thought I better not.
-Sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night I'll check my phone.  It's just a terrible habit that I have.  i may need an intervention.  Sometimes I'll put my head along with the phone under the covers so the light doesn't wake up the husband.  I feel like Harry Potter in the scene where he is practicing magic in the muggle world to hide it from his Aunt and Uncle.  i'll reference my iPhone as my wand now...
-We have cleaning people come once a month, don't judge me.  lol  Typically I have to rush around the house before they come to pick things up and stow the cats away in the office so they aren't traumatized by the experience, and yes pick things up, less mess, cheaper fee.  Last week I had to change the date of our cleaning schedule since we were going out of town.  I figured it would be a different crew and it was.  So as I eagerly awaited their arrival to see which crew was here and I was peering out the blinds to see who showed up.

Somewhere in the middle
Last week we were in Maine on vacation.  One of the blogs I follow (Lauren from siddathornton) posted a picture of a lighthouse.  I saw the photo, and was like, wait is that... waittttttttttt... the same lighthouse?  I sent her a message and found out Lauren was at the same lighthouse that we were at on the same day!  However, we were there at sunrise and she was there in the afternoon.  But how ironic is that!

-Going on vacation....  We really loved Maine.  Good thing we are missing the potential nor'easter this weekend!
-Whenever we plan trips somewhere, Joe will always find good shopping spots.  That's true love right there!
-If you don't have cleaning people, you should.  We both work full time office jobs and the last thing I want to do is clean the house at night or on the weekend.  It is pretty awesome and it's not nearly as expensive as one might think.  ps - some use green cleaning products too!
-This time of year, when we are home we are able to open up the windows. I'm not sure who loves it more, the humans or the cats?
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  1. Cute outfit! and omg that guy from the grocery store. I would never have traded boxes either!

  2. I want a cleaning lady! Unfortunately, right now I AM the cleaning lady :)

  3. you look nice, love the shoes! xo

  4. Love the outfit. Wish I had cleaning people (I told KEv I want a Molly Maid to come just once for Christmas). And I seriously imagine running into blogger people. That is crazy that yall were there on the same day!


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