Monday, October 08, 2012

polar opposites

Top Row: beach day (Charleston, SC), wedding flowers, bottom up dutch braid + bun
Middle Row: new fedora, lowndes grove plantation (wedding), normie + shrimp on a string
Bottom Row: fireplace, s'mores, contessa 

Friday we headed off to charleston, sc for a wedding
we spent most of the afternoon at the beach relaxin'
then off to a rehearsal dinner at pane e vino downtown
and a little wandering in the streets after dinner
Saturday we went to an early breakfast to catch up on our bible study
attended a noon wedding at lowndes grove plantation (part of the notebook was filmed here)
for the evening we went out with a large group of friends at fleet landing to grab a bite
there may have been some football watching later that evening
Sunday we left early to come home
we arrived to some polar opposite weather compared to charleston
after a nice long bath
i came down to a fire lit for the afternoon
some homemade potato soup in the dutch oven
and the night ended with a few movies and s'mores...

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  1. Lovely images Amanda, especially the braid! xoxo

  2. Loving your hair!!! Was it hard to do?

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  4. Yum! Perfect weekend and your hair looks gorgeous!

  5. Love the images! Your hair is fabulous and love the fireplace! xo

  6. s'mores.
    great minds really do think alike. :)

  7. Ooh, love your pictures! So darling. And that kitty is the sweetest thing, ever! :)

  8. sounds like such a fun weekend! and i love your hair. you are talented girl! you should do a tutorial! xox

  9. You know I adore instagram and your pictures are just lovely! :)


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