Monday, October 29, 2012

preparations for all hallow's eve...

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Top Row: Joe's Pumpkin, Tobacco Trail, Contessa (as a pumpkin)
Middle Row: Norman (as a shark), Hunter kind of day, Baked Salted Pumpkin Seeds
Bottom Row: Joe's Pumpkin (he had too many pumpkin seeds), Camera Hunting, Amanda's Pumpkin

This past weekend was finally 'some' rest and relaxation...  without much choice, due to the cool dreary weather from hurricane sandy (25+mph winds and some rain) it wasn't that appealing to play outside.... so... that's that.

a date night with asian cuisine
camera shopping
catching up on the dvr
breakfast at panera
grocery shopping
taunting the cats in halloween costumes
finished up my bible study while the husband ran
attended our friends baby dedication lunch
pumpkin carving
cookie baking
and a very early bedtime...

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  1. Love all the pictures! I have a cowardly lion costume for Claymore :) Sadly we didn't get pumpkins this year because I was gone the first 2 weeks of the month and Jeremy was gone the 3rd week. I kind of wished we had so that I could have roasted pumpkins seeds!

  2. How adorable are these pictures? Lovely post, looks like you've been having a lot of fun preparing for Halloween. Although I don't really celebrate Halloween, these pictures are amazing and I love your blog! Thanks for sharing :) x

    ♡, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  3. i love your pumpkin and joes! you guys did a great job! how cute is contessa in her pumpkin costume! :)

  4. Gotta love Fall :) Oh, and camera shopping!

  5. I like a lot Joe's Pumpkin!!!

  6. Lol at Joe's Pumpkin! hahahahah! Love all the pictures! Happy Halloween!

  7. I love the name Contessa. Great Halloween shots!

  8. Both of those kitty costumes are too cute! I wish Gus (our cat) would let us dress her up but she's a bit too feisty for that. Looks like you've been enjoying a full fall!

  9. I loved your pumpkins and those awesome outfits - I SOO need one for Gordon!
    Hope you have a great week hun :-)

    Vanessa x

  10. you did such a great job with the pumpkin carving! so impressed! x

  11. Looks like you're ready for Halloween!

  12. How cute are those pumpkins! Love them :)
    stopping by from the weekend update linkup


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