Monday, October 01, 2012

rain, rain and then some sun... and now rain...

Top Row: Contessa + a tiny box, Normie playing scrabble, delicious burger
Middle Row: makeshift sock bun, sunrise, double knockout roses
Bottom Row: from last weeks post, sunrise, cookies and cream loco pop

and the husband said I'd never wear hunter rain boots...  He's def wrong...

Friday was date night!  We decided to go to our 'downtown' area, which is one street by the way, to do a little window shopping.  One of the cute boutiques down there was closing!  So sad...  But I was able to purchase an awesome swag sweater that was 50% off!  Can't beat that, but I'll be sad to see them go...  maybe we should open up something there?  always an idea!  After shopping we went to a local pub that is always busy.  The food was delightful...  Then on to the local bakery to see what goody we could come home with for later...  We mutually decided to share a giant nutter butter: 2 peanut butter cookies filled with some sort of light and fluffy peanut butter cream.  We saved that for later to go with cookie dough ice cream.  then we were both in a food coma...  Scrabble tournament...  Score: Amanda - 284 and Joe - 130.  Husband, now go get my owscream!

Saturday I woke up wayyyyyyy to early.  6:04am to be exact.  I got up shortly after Joe, yep after, and we worked on our bible study together.  We're doing Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) together and this year it's on the book of Genesis.  When you thought you knew quite a bit about the beginning of the Bible, you start to realize you didn't know much at all.  We are on week #3 of Genesis chapter one!  Around lunch the husband went to his sisters house to watch a little foosball and I decided that I was going shopping!  in the rain, without my rain boots...  that i don't own...  For one I needed to go to a local boutique Vestique to pickup a necklace I had won.  I picked this out: necklace (not quite as red in real life, deeper red) and of course had to purchase something and picked out this.  love.  Then ventured to another favorite boutique and purchased a pair of earrings for $6.30!  They look very, very similar to these except in silver and a much better price!  Later that night we headed over to a friends couples shower.  It was quite chilly and I was finally able to break out my boots!

Sunday I woke up with a scratchy throat and a knee still aching...  ugh...  Maybe it was from all the rain, but nonetheless I was not a happy camper.  I came downstairs and plopped myself on the couch under a blanket in a sort of unpleasant mood about it all...  Instead of going to church, I laid on the couch and we listened to the sermon live.  we were at church in spirit, but at least we listened to it...  After some resting, I took a bath and Joe offered to take me out to lunch and then to the outdoor mall!?!?  this is when we had some sun!  It was like he was ill or something.  taking me out to eat twice and letting me shop two days in a row?  All of the sudden my scratchy throat and bum knee started to feel better.  Interesting how that worked out...  After a delicious lunch at Firebirds we went shopping!  I tried on my rain boots (that still don't exist in my closet) to see what size I would need...  future gift, yes please!  At Urban Outfitters, I purchased a fedora on sale for $9.99, men's style, because my gourd is too big (sort of like this one, but a black band).  The husband believes the reason some hats don't fit on my head is due to the amount of hair that I have, could be true.   I also bought a slouchy beanie in grey.  The afternoon consisted of a little R and R and nothing ended the night better than having your neighbors over for Ropa Vieja.

Hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. You have the perfect sock bun! I wish my hair was long enough to do that!

  2. I too have the Hunter Rain boots on my Amazon wishlist! Maybe someday... Also look at these!

  3. lol the second photo made me so smile also when I've seen it on twitter! happy monday dear!

  4. Love, love, love each of these...and booo for that darn blog warning! Grrr! :)

  5. Love that sock bun on you!!

    Loveeee Vestique. They are doing a giveaway on my blog this Wednesday...Can't wait. Love the stuff you got from there. Did you win the necklace on their site?

  6. wow girl- all of those are fabulous! i need to do the sock bun! it looks so easy but im not the best at creating things like that ha. super cute blog girl! glad i stopped by from the link up! happy mon!

  7. YOu did great a little spoiled this weekend :) Hope the knee is feeling better today.

  8. Beautiful pictures, Amanda! I'm very intrigued by your makeshift sock bun, it looks fantastic!

    PS: thank you so much for your kind and supportive words, Amanda! I'm so glad to have you for a friend! I promise to send you an email soon!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  9. I'm convinced us bloggers have been sharing germies - everyone seems to have come down with a cold recently!!

  10. Sock bun is a WIN! I wasn't convinced and had several failed attempts, but seriously! I finally perfected it with my hair and I'm a mega-fan! Yours looks nice and even. My sock bun would be jealous.... ;)

  11. love the sock bun -- i just tried my first one this week, and i love it!! and that cookies and cream pop, oh my!! yummo!! xoxo


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