Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend getaway in maine

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First Row: Portland Light House, Joe's 2.7lb lobster, Back River - Boothbay, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Second Row: Acorn, Mint and Chocolate Gelato, Hunters enjoying the leaves, Lunch at Pier 77 Restaurant
Third Row: Ogunquit Beach area, Babb's Covered Bridge, L.L. Bean, Inc., Fort Williams Park - Cape Elizabeth
Fourth Row: Cold feet!, Sunset on the plane, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Bread and Roses Cupcake (survived the plane ride home!)

This past weekend we celebrated (a little late) our four year wedding anniversary in Portland Maine.  We decided to wait a few months after our anniversary (August) so we could enjoy the fall foliage.  It was definitely worth the wait!!!  We took approximately 350 pictures, so it may take me some time to edit them.  However, be prepared to see a few pictures over the next two weeks of Maine! It's a beautiful place!  I could see myself living there one day, but somehow I'd have to figure out how I'd survive the winters.  Below (area in red) is where we spent the majority of our time.

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  1. Yes, the winters in Maine would be where I would struggle. It can start snowing in October and could still snow in May. I love the snow but I think that would get to me. Sometimes not leaving your house for days more than once a year! If you are looking at your map, Jamie is from near Norway. :)

  2. Maine is on my To See list.

    Love your Hunters!

    SMD @

  3. Ah, so pretty! I haven't been to Maine since I was a kid and would love to go one fall.

  4. I loved all your instagram pics from this weekend, looks like you had a wonderful time together :-)
    Hope you have a great week hun!

    Vanessa x

  5. Aww it looks like such a fun trip!! Happy belated anniversary!! :) Maine looks GORGEOUS this time of year! It's definitely on my (loooong) list of places to visit!

  6. Happy belated anniversary!! I can't wait to read all about your trip.

  7. Oh wow, I've never been to Maine but it looks gorgeous!

  8. I'm dying to visit New England, love these shots and happy anniversary!!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! How bad is it that, of all the pictures, my eyes gravitated instantly to the cupcake? Single minded.

  10. What a fun getaway. These pictures are gorgeous!! I have always wanted to visit Maine! xx

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! Maine is so beautiful this time of year :) Glad you guys went and had an awesome time.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you two had the perfect celebration on your charming Maine getaway :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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