Monday, November 26, 2012

about me and style...

I have been asked to do a few guest post and thought that I'd share one of my latest ones.  With my mind full of cyber monday shopping, I'm pretty sure that I can't focus on writing a new blog post.  boxes are currently dancing in my head, soooooo you get an older post.  We hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and happy shopping if you're one of those people!  ps - did you win the blue bird bride giveaway?  find out here. 

Hi there!  I'm Amanda and I blog over at Eloquent English!  A blog that has nothing to do with speaking eloquently, and everything to do with fashion, lifestyle and stuff.


a little about me and a little about style...

How did you get into blogging?
To be honest, boredom.  With my job responsibilities, I found that I would go through major spurts of downtime.  I use to shop a lot online and I'm pretty sure the UPS man figured if there wasn't a package delivered that day I must have fallen ill.  I figured I should probably do something else other than spend money, so I started a blog.

What's the one thing you learned about yourself from blogging?
That the word 'eloquent' is rather ironic as I am a terrible writer!  Over the last year I've been able to practice my writing skills and hone in on what I really enjoyed writing about.  I think that's one of the most important things about having a blog.  Write about what you love!

How would you describe your personal style?
From day to day that can change, but for the most part I'm pretty simple and classic.  Some days I dress in Banana Republic and others I like to dress a little more down to earth in Urban Outfitters.  I guess it just depends on my mood.

What was your most recent purchase?
Hunter Rain Boots!  I'm not sure why I wanted so long to purchase them, oh i know why, because my husband thought I'd never where them.  He was wrong!  I'm so glad I bought them!


What's a quick go-to outfit when your running late?
I tend to layer a lot of clothes since I'm always cold.  I'd probably throw a pair of skinny jeans, my polka dot sweater and a cute pair of heels AND if my hair isn't blown out, I'd throw it up in a big ole bun!

What are your fall style essentials?
I think there are definitely some essentials for a persons closet including: Trench coat, nude pumps, skinny jeans, neutral cardigans, good watch, a pencil skirt or two, chambray shirt, colorful skinny belts to add a pop of color, well made t's and maxi skirts.

Fall Must Haves

J.Crew long sleeve top / J.Crew button shirt / Calypso St. Barth long top / Mango double breasted coat / 7 For All Mankind skinny fit jeans / J.Crew tall skirt / J.Crew tall skirt / Ankle length skirt, $52 / Camel pumps / Black shoes / FOSSIL sparkle jewelry / Warehouse metallic belt

Can you share your top 3 style tips?
1. If you find something that you love, it's okay to buy more than one of it.  If it works well, why not?
2. Be open minded!  Sometimes we say, 'it's cute, but it's not me'.  Try it on anyways, you never know!
3. Scarves are a great affordable accessory this time of year.  You can wrap it around your neck, wear it as a headband, tie it on your purse or wear it as a belt.  So many options!

Jeans and t-shirt or dress?
I'm definitely a jeans and a t-shirt girl.  I'm one for the utmost comfort!  Don't get me wrong, I still own plenty of dresses!

Flats or heels?
Heels all the way!  I have a lot of shoes, but I find myself grabbing my nude heels a lot.  For one, heels make you taller and at 5'4" I need a little height.  The nude color also makes your legs look longer! and the color matches almost everything.


  1. I'm totally with you on the trench coat and buying what you love in multiples especially if they're pants that fit perfectly :)

    Have a great week Amanda!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Loved this post, since it was you in a nutshell. :)

  3. Oh I LOVE the rainboots with those pink pants and the polkadots, soooooo cute!

  4. Love those boots!!! I agree with your 3 tips. :)

  5. thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. it's always fun to read these things :)

  6. Enjoy your blogger break :) Love learning more about your style!

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous in that top photo. Hope you're enjoying your blogging break. Catch ya on the flip side!


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