Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #42: Black Friday

Dear Friends, we hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Dear Black Friday, oh how I love you...  your sales...  minus the crowds is awesome.
Dear Kitties, I miss you...  see you tomorrow!!!
ps - my brain isn't functioning from all of the food and shopping...  onto recovery...

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Friday's fancies Week #42: Black Friday
I had never gone black friday shopping until I met my husband.  it sounds so strange to me as shopping is my therapy.  I'm not 100 percent sure why I had never gone black friday shopping, but I assume it's because my mother never liked going through all of the crowds.  No amount of money was worth saving I guess.  I don't blame her...  I totally get it.  The husband and I enjoy the black friday shopping and now sometimes on grey thursday (which btw I think is wrong).  It's usually not gifts for other people, because at this point in the season I'm almost done Christmas shopping.  yes, yes, I'm an early shopper, I don't enjoy the stress of not knowing what to get someone.  So typically our black friday shopping is either gifts for each other, or lets just go see what we can find!

Do you go black friday shopping?  If you did go, what did you get this year?  Any amazing finds?  If so, I may need to go back out today!!!

Black Friday

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  1. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dear, lovely outfit! kisses! xo

  2. Ooh I just got those convertible mittens from Gap! They're super cozy :) And I love chambray tops! Good picks girl!

    Nine to Five

  3. I have only been Black Friday shopping a few times, but sometimes it's worth it! We got our washer and dryer for less than $500 one year!

  4. I usually go black Friday shopping with family members for the fun of it, though I don't typically have that much to buy! The best thing I got this year was dress shirts for my husband in his favorite brand (Express, because they make clothes small enough to fit him!) usually $60 apiece, I got 3 for $15 each!!


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