Wednesday, December 12, 2012

quite the blog and a giveaway

Good morning to ya!  Today I want to introduce to you my featured sponsor Morgan from Quite the Blog!  She writes about lifestyle and personal style and I know you are going to love her!  Oh and once you are done reading about Morgan, don't forget to enter her giveaway at the end of the post!

my name is morgan and i blog at quite the blog.

 i'm 22. i'm a california girl by birth but raised in the south. i'm married to a hawaiian that was born in alabama and grew up in georgia. i'm pretty clumsy.  i daydream a lot. i. love. socks.

i think i can safely say that quite the blog is probably the 30th blog i've had in the 10 years i've been an active user and contributor to the internet. i'll admit it, i love starting things.

but there was something different when i started quite the blog.
initially, i thought it was because i purchased a domain name for the first time, making me feel like i had to blog since i paid for a domain name.
then, i realized it wasn't that at all.

 i realized that when i started quite the blog i wasn't just staring my story and what happened in my everyday life…

 the difference was, i was a part of a community:
yes, i get to share my story, but i get to hear a hundred more
yes, i get to share pictures but i get see hundreds more!
the endlessness of the blogging world excites me. i love the feeling when i find a new blogger that i feel like i should know or a blogger that makes me see something in a way i never thought i'd see it. it's these little things that made blogging this time around more exciting than ever.

i spend a lot of time engaging with other blogged and i've been super blessed to see my little blog grow so much in just a few months! and in celebration of my gratitude for the blogging community, i'm sharing a little giveaway for you:

$10 Starbucks Gift Card because it's just the holidays without some kind of treat from there, right? 
 200x200 Pixels ad on quite the blog that includes an option to join me for a giveaway AND my saturday blog hop! ($10 value) 

well, thanks so much for celebrating me with this little giveaway! be sure to drop by if we haven't met yet. i'd love to get to know your blog, too! 

 morgan at

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