Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday's Fancies Week #46: new year... new me

The New Year always brings on a new age for me.  Why yesterday was my 30th birthday.  thirty... the big three ooooooooooooooo...  Do I look thirty?  maybe you shouldn't answer that...  As far as the new year goes, we hardly ever make resolutions.  Resolutions are just meant to be broken.  Instead we just try to continue our healthy lifestyle (running, exercise, cleaning up our diet, etc.) and do the things we love (ski, hike, travel, etc.).  Did you make any new year resolutions?

new year... new me

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  1. You look great and it doesn't matter that you are 30 because 30 is FABULOUS ( ok I'm 30 so I'm trying to make myself feel better). lol I have that same feeling. It's like you know you aren't old but you aren't quite young anymore either. blah! lol :) SO Happy belated birthday and fun to find you on #FF

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it's a great year girl!

    xo, E

  3. Definitely don't look 30! I was surprised when I saw your sign on instagram, I would have guessed 26. Hope your day was great~!


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