Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Contessa (left) and Norman (right) they love sheet changing day!
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Happy New Year!!!  Sorry it's been a little quiet over here lately.  It's been a whirlwind the last few months and my brain has been on overload!  We've been on the road every other week since October!  New Year's was the first time we could find a little rest and relaxation.  We spent our New Years in our pajamas.  yes we closed 2012 in style!  We played a few games and enjoyed a fabulous homemade dinner of marinated grilled steak, grilled lobster, asparagus, potatoes, buttery dinner rolls and ice cream cake.  no complaints here!


Do you ever feel like you are behind the times?  Sometimes I feel like we (the husband and I) live a decade behind everyone else.  We had no personal laptop, no iPad, nothing of that nature except my iPhone.  This past November Joe turned 30 and with our usual spending allowance of $100 on gifts I threw that one right out the window.  I purchased him a laptop.  finally we can get rid of our dusty snail paced desktop!  and for Christmas I purchased him an iPad mini.  Okay, yes both gifts were definitely over the $100 spending limit, but it was just one of those spur of the moment awesome ideas...  This year Joe also threw the spending allowance out the window (I think he figured it was okay because of the laptop purchase) and bought me a DSLR (Nikon D7000) for Christmas!  and his family bought me a Paperwhite Kindle for my birthday, which by the way is tomorrow (Jan 3)!  Now we are really with the times!  i'm sure we'll get behind all over again.  

For the new laptop, I had to order the boxed version of lightroom as the download version isn't out for Windows 8 yet.  I am still waiting for it to arrive.  Hopefully it will be delivered today so I can finally edit and post some pictures from our most recent trip to Illinois.

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  1. Ooh, now you have all kinds of great technology to have fun with and use!

  2. Happy New Year dear!!:*

  3. Happy early birthday! I'm jelly of your DSLR. I'm saving up for one!

  4. oh wow those are some great purchases/ gifts. I also celebrated NYE in pj's. It was quite comfy ;) Now I have a Nook's the kindle? I am so curious over the difference and which is actually "better"


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