Wednesday, January 30, 2013

lonely hearts club

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North Carolina Ice Storm January 2013

Last week Joe was in Wisconsin for work.  yes, in january.  I don't mind spending some time alone as I'm rather on the introverted side, however I don't care for being home alone at night.  paranoia always sets in.  go figure.

A few strange, sort of random, not so pleasant things happened while he was away.

-we received a voice-mail (not from our security provider, but the FBI?) the day of his departure regarding the need for updating ones home security system.  we do have a security system, so that does make me feel a lot better than not having one...  but still, why this voice-mail?  why now?  don't worry I know I can protect myself,  locked and loaded.  yes, i'm awesome.

-one of our lamps flickered off and on for no rhyme or reason that i could figure out.  i went over and check the bulb, turned the bulb a little to take it out and the light came back on.  so it isn't burnt out, okay it works.  i walked away and the light went out again.  walked back over to the lamp, touched the end table and it went on again.  freaky...  i unplugged it, putting it upstairs and replaced it with a different lamp.  anddddddddddddddddd now i have a ghost in my house.

-on the second night alone around dinner time, i heard what sounded like a tapping noise on a window.  i walked around turning on exterior house lights, peered out windows and found nothing.  okay neighbors if that was a joke, not funny! 

-my last day/night alone we were under a winter storm warning.  of course not the white pretty snow...  it snowed for about 30 minutes and then for the next 7 hours it was sleet and freezing rain.  good thing i work from home on friday's.  i planted myself inside, well, except for a quick lunch date with a dear friend and then later the next morning to capture a few images.


  1. Haha I am the exact same way!!
    I came home (home alone) one night to our front door wide open and made our guy friends check in every nook and cranny for intruders.

    Glad he's home again to protect you (:

  2. Hahahahahaha!! Funny story darling!!
    Beautiful pictures BTW...

  3. Beautiful photos, love the bokeh.
    I also hate being alone in the house : [

  4. Beautiful photos! Sorry to hear about all the scary moments =(

    World According to Shia

  5. Awesome pictures! Weird stuff always happens when the men are gone.

  6. Oh my God!!!
    I never be alone at home by night....anyway these pictures are great!!!!!

  7. Lovely photos, glad he's home. Weird things always happen when MFD is away for the weekend.

  8. These pics are amaaaaazing! OMG I would have taken like a thousand pics of those birds.

  9. seriously you're ice storm was much prettier than ours. Just icky cold and gray. :|


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