Monday, January 28, 2013

the mountains at snowshoe...

on top of the mountain

 photo Snowshoe-3_zpsbe8f3866.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-2_zps804e7cd5.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-4_zps16e780e1.jpg

Each winter, Joe and I trek up the West Virginia mountains to Snowshoe.  This year a snowstorm hit the state a week or so before our trip.  Thank goodness, otherwise we would have been skiing all greens.  However, once we arrived a warm front swept through and made it a little warmer than we would have cared for.  Bringing sun, rain and fog...everything but more snow.  None the less, we had a wonderful time.  I even skied my first double black diamond without licking any snow.  You might have remembered my instagram pictures and each of our snow licking count on this post.  

morning sunrises from our balcony

 photo Snowshoe-1_zpsbc463991.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-7_zps151dc50c.jpg
that's a frozen lake (above) if you were wondering...

 photo Snowshoe-6_zps06f3a5ae.jpg

Every year we stay at the same place.  It's a small quaint condo and rather comfortable and cozy.  It has everything we need.  well minus a fireplace, which I guess would be a want rather than a need.  One of our favorite things is waking up early in the morning to watch the sunrise.  We both typically wake up before the crack of dawn anyways.  Once we are up we make an extremely large breakfast and maybe a little breakfast cocktail and wait for the sun to rise.  then off to the slopes for the day!

You might remember this picture below if you follow me on instagram @ eloquentenglish.  The husband caught me in action as I was capturing our last sunrise, in my pajamas, wearing my green wellies.  classic.


  1. Amazing photos and place Amanda!! xo

  2. Pics are looking like a PRO took them!!! Where is the friends mug..ha

  3. Oh my these photos are gorgeous! Love the one of you, you're just like me haha!

  4. awesome pictures. i love your shots

  5. Wow. Gorgeous pictures.

  6. These pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a great weekend! Thanks for linking up and sharing with us :)

  7. I love you in your pjs. :) We leave for skiing in just a couple of weeks. Whoo hoo! Glad you had a great time and love the pictures!


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