Monday, February 11, 2013

cats and closets

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It's February 11th and it should feel like winter, but it doesn't.  it hardly ever does here.  The longer that I have lived in North Carolina (5.5 years now, geesh!) I've realized that we don't really have a winter.  Some Carolinian's would beg to differ, but when your average day time temperature is 55 in January, that is not winter people.  i want snow!!!

None the less, Spring is almost here and with a lot of backyard garden work to do we spent some of our Saturday outside cleaning up the brown 'sticks and flowers' left from last fall.  still today i can hardly breath due to the flower dander that i inhaled.  stupid allergies!  hopefully this benadryl doesn't put me to sleep at my desk today.  During our massive cleanup we already found some flowers already starting to unearth themselves!  Maybe Punxsutawney Phil was right, Spring may be here early.

Oh and you remember that massive bathroom overhaul?  Well it's still in progress.  The closet shelves are down, holes from the wire racks are filled and sanded!  and during the putty drying period, new light fixtures went up over each sink!  I may have also tackled all 3 guest closets and did a massive reorg.  The closet overhaul may have not been on the agenda, but when we had to switch the power off for several hours to do some wiring...  that meant I lost power in my office...  that meant no editing photos due to the loss of power to the external hard drive where all my photos sit.  Early spring cleaning never hurt anyone, right?

this weeks agenda:
-a little more sanding in the closet
-paint the closet 
-valentine's day

this weekends agenda:
-measure, cut, sand, paint, nail up those boards for the closet!  that's if i can keep the husband indoors with the warmer weather.  he's already feeling the itch to work outside!  good thing mostly everything outside is still brown.  for now...


  1. the cats are so cute!! I am a-ok with no winter here in CA...although it has been waaay too cold around here...50's during the day and 30/40 at night...nope too cold!! haha have fun with the overhaul!!

  2. The cats are cute! Sounds like you have been keeping busy. Would send you some of our snow if I could!

  3. your kitties are adorable and it sounds like you have a fun week & weekend planned. hope it all goes well!

  4. Beautiful shots of the cats! Good luck getting the closets back in order.

  5. Looks great,honey!Have a great day!


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