Monday, February 18, 2013

Duck Hunting

 photo DuckHunting-1_zps156d0b24.jpg

 photo DuckHunting-2_zps6a7a9368.jpg

 photo DuckHunting-4_zpsc2ef2d9c.jpg

 photo DuckHunting-3_zps361da262.jpgSweater: Banana Republic (old) (loving this), Jeans: Target (new) and (similar clearance $11) I, Socks and Boots: Hunter

This past weekend we finally had some snow at our house!  I know you folks up north or out west are probably thinking 'who cares?'.  On average the Raleigh area receives about 6 inches of snow a year and the last few years we haven't received but maybe 2-3 inches.  So when we get snow, us North Carolinian's get all giddy!  and then everyone freaks out and pretty much the entire city shuts down.  over dramatic, yes.

Another one of our entertaining conversations:

Joe: Are you going duck hunting?
Amanda: No, why?
Joe: You are wearing duck hunting boots.
Amanda: No, these are wellies and they are fashionable.
Joe: No, they are duck hunting boots.
Amanda: No, they are awesome.

later the next day...

Amanda:  I know what I want to do.  I want to be a National Geographic Photographer.
Joe: Really?
Amanda: Yea, so I can do this (showed images below)...  okay, just kidding that's pretty scary.
Joe: Well you have the boots for it.  hahahaha

 photo Norman-6_zps8afe57a3.jpg
via google search ' bear photography'

 photo Norman-6_zps8afe57a3.jpg
via google search ' bear photography'

Weekend Update Linkup


  1. Your boots are definitely awesome. I would love a pair of those-- duck hunting boots, or otherwise! :)

  2. I want a pair of those boots. And I am very upset the snow didn't stick for at least a day! I wanted to take the dogs out to play!!

  3. If it makes Joe feel any better, Jason saw your boots and said "When did chicken factory-worker boots become in fashion?"

  4. sometimes they just don't understand... but I like your boots & they are fashionable :)

    love the pictures! looks like fun!

  5. I love the boots :) And those photographers! There were people lined up all around Yellowstone taking photos when we were there - they looked just like that!

  6. I love those boots! Men just don't understand :).

  7. Haha! I like your boots! And yay for the snow! It looks so pretty and you're obviously having a blast in in :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  8. Snow IS exciting! I would be right out there with you eating snowflakes and trying to gather enough snow to throw at someone :)

  9. They understand nothing about fashion!!! I love that boots!

  10. The boots look great, Amanda!! Good to hear from you!

  11. Yikes to the bear hunting pictures, that's a bit too close for comfort! Had to laugh at the wells comment, guys just don't seem to like the fashion stuff that girls do!


    Also, you can have some of our snow!!

  12. One place you will never find me... Standing next to a bear hoping it doesn't eat my face off. Love the boots!

  13. Cute outfit! You are pulling off both the Hunter boot and floral print jeans trends with ease.

  14. Love the floral print jeans Amanda :-)

    Vanessa x

  15. Love this!!! Your outfit is so cute and I love your wellie socks!! I've been looking for some but can't seem to make a decision on color. I want them ALL!

    (Everyone makes fun of me for wearing my Hunters too... you're not alone. Just yesterday, when rain was in the forecast, my guy friends asked me if I was planning to go mudding. Boys.)

    Pretty Little Things

  16. Concentrating on your hunt can be difficult when you can't stop thinking about how hot, wet, cold, or sore your feet are. Unlike with your hunting .. Sylvester Miller


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